On The Shelf: Tomorrow’s New Releases Revealed Today

Apr 16th, 2007 // Comment

yearzero.jpgIn this week’s edition of On The Shelf, Idolator’s weekly look at select releases coming out on Tuesday: Nine Inch Nails’ Year Zero at long last arrives, as do new albums from Avril Lavigne, Mark Ronson, and Bucky Covington.

Nine Inch Nails, Year Zero
The artist: Internet-friendly industrial powerhouse.
The sound: Apocalyptic, glitch-filled nightmares.
The first in line: Digg users. (The ones who buy CDs, anyway.)

Avril Lavigne, The Best Damn Thing
The artist: “Bratty” “punky” “Canadian” “blonde” “singer.”
The sound: An overly self-satisfied eight-year old slapping you in the face for 45 minutes straight.
The first in line: Manga hounds.

Mark Ronson, Version
The artist: DJ/producer/Foreigner-fortune heir.
The sound: An all-covers album that’s either completely ironic or completely sincere. We can’t tell anymore.
The first in line: People who were really into the sound of Back To Black. (Honestly? They should really buy a Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings record instead.)

Bucky Covington, Bucky
The artist: The eighth-place finisher on last season’s American Idol.
The sound: Gruffly slick slide-guitar pop. (Our prediction? It won’t do Daughtry numbers, but it may outsell Taylor Hicks.)
The first in line: Idol watchers who can’t wait for tomorrow’s Martina McBride-shepherded episode.

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