Stuck On Repeat: The Wildhearts Are Still A Bleeping Good Band

Apr 17th, 2007 // 7 Comments

wildheartssss.jpgOur long-standing love of British metal-pop band the Wildhearts has been well-documented, and so we’re especially excited for next week’s release of The Wildhearts, even though it’s a U.K.-only release (alas). “The Sweetest Song,” below, is the first single, and despite being a “radio mix,” it has zero chance of ever making it on the air over here, as it’s full of barely bleeped obscenities; just make sure you make it through the thrashing intro long enough to hit the towering “na na na na” chorus:

The Wildhearts – The Sweetest Song (Radio Mix) [MP3, link expired]
The Wildhearts [MySpace]

  1. The Riffage

    Thank fucking Jebus – you guys just made my day.

  2. NickEddy

    I have to pay respect to his Iceman.

    His Ned’s Atomic Dustbin meets Ozric Tentacles hairstylings not as much, but the guitar – sweet!

  3. Jude

    Yeah, that Ibanez model is a classic. Of course, its more memorable in its “cracked mirror” modification:

    “awwwwwww, yeah! Looooooooove Gunnnn!!”

  4. ecoboy_wmc

    Have The Wildhearts and Andrew W. K. ever shared a stage?

    If so, that just leaped into my Top 10 “Wish I coulda been there when…” rock moments.

    I love the concept “metal-pop” versus “pop-metal” and am pretty damned sure which I prefer. Thanks for the link… with a Suckerpunch!!!

  5. Vince Neilstein

    holy crap. this is bleeping awesome. how did these guys slip under my radar until now? this and last week’s kelly clarkson leak are undoubtedly the two best things i’ve heard recently!

  6. Feh Am Legend

    Iceman… nice. I wouldn’t have remembered the name of that. Man, I drooled after one of those when I was a teen. It just looked like a rock star’s guitar.

    Hey look, there’s one up on eBay:
    For a mere $2000 I could satiate my inner 14-year old boy.

  7. Jude

    @puffermedia: go halfsies??

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