Get Ready To Line Up And Dance Behind Sanjaya

Apr 17th, 2007 // 4 Comments

sanjayasmile.jpgOnce again, the songs allegedly being performed on tonight’s American Idol have leaked; tonight’s country night, which should be almost as “fun to watch” as Latin night was. (At least there’s a slim-to-none chance that Gloria Estefan’s back catalogue will be trotted out.) A glance at the rumored song list has us expecting Sanjaya Malakar to once again completely charm the audience, resulting in them spontaneously getting up to line dance while he croons…

Brooks & Dunn’s “Boot Scootin’ Boogie.” We’re sure that people at home will also be so entranced by his charisma that they’ll want to scoot along, so we’ve decided to post’s quite-useful guide on How To Do The Boot Scoot. Be warned: It’s a 28-step process, so you may want to get cracking on that kick-step-step-kick combo now:

How To Do The Boot Scoot []
Rumored Spoilers And Other Stuff []

  1. Hallux Valgus

    I am horrified that there even IS a song by Nelly and Tim McGraw, and I’m amazed that Blake isn’t singing it.

  2. OnlyRumors

    Ahh…that takes me back to good ol’ Real World Los Angeles when that lame-o comwboy Jon Brennan was trying out the waters of being a singer.

    At least he did something other than watch television all day!

  3. sparkletone

    Oh, come on. Everybody knows that Sanjaya’s got friends in low places

  4. KimPossible

    Please, oh please – let Sanjaya sing “Stand By Your Man.”

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