Hip-Hop Station Now Has Numerous Reasons Not To Play 2 Live Crew

Apr 18th, 2007 // Comment

power105.jpgIt looks as though interns at New York City radio station WWPR are going to be spending their mornings trolling through smartlyrics.com:

WWPR (105.1 FM), one of two city radio stations that feature hip-hop music, said yesterday morning it’s going to stop playing songs with degrading images.

“The station won’t sound that different, because we weren’t playing a lot of that anyway,” said program director Helen Little. “What we’re doing is holding labels and artists accountable for what they say and how they say it “We want our listeners to know that whatever they hear here, we thought about it.”

Right now, the station’s playlist includes tracks by Pretty Ricky and R. Kelly, and while those songs are hardly in the “Me So Horny” realm, we know a few people out there for whom the “cuff your chick” like in “I’m A Flirt” qualifies as “degrading.” We also know that controversy-fueled about-faces tend to last for about five weeks, at which time Ludacris’ “Area Codes ’07″ drops, and everyone forgets about the whole thing.

‘WPR cracks down on hip-hop lyrics [NY Daily News]

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