Stuck On Repeat: Article 58 Tweaks Its Strings

Apr 19th, 2007 // Comment

Information on Article 58, the Scottish band named (we think) after a 1927 amendment to the Russian penal code that allowed police to arrest those suspected of counter-revolutionary activities, is scant on the Web; according to the tireless postpunk archivists at Hyped2Death, the band shared a producer with Orange Juice and Josef K, and its guitarist now runs the label Creeping Bent. What we do know is that the guitar sounds on “Events To Come” have that ringing, bending quality that drives us crazy every time we hear them, and then, as if to reel us in even more, they’re paired with handclaps:

Article 58 – Events To Come [MP3, link expired]
Article 58 – Lost And Found [MP3, link expired]
Messthetics #5 []

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