Leak Of The Day, Part Two: Which One Of Tori Amos’ Multiple Personalities Do You Find More Infinitely G-Damned Annoying?

Apr 19th, 2007 // 18 Comments

toriamoscover.jpgPump Like Thumpy has the new Tori Amos album, American Doll Posse, in all of its zipped-up glory. Posse is supposedly “performed” by a series of different characters, with names like “Clyde,” “Pip” and “Boo-Boo The Bunny”; there’s no word on which one is responsible for the horrific album cover, which looks like something you’d get made at one of those record-your-own-song kiosks at Great Adventure. Anyway, at this point, all the riffy set-ups and lazy mini-editorials in the world won’t change your mind about Amos’ music: If you’re a fan, you’ve already devoured the album six times over, and if you’re not, feel free to skip these and go listen to something more pleasant, like maybe two leaf-blowers making love in a beehive as Bernard Herrmann’s Psycho theme plays in the background.

Tori Amos – Big Wheel [MP3, link expired]
Tori Amos – Bouncing Off Clouds [MP3, link expired]
Tori Amos [MySpace]

  1. ghostyhead

    @Jupiter8: All of them.

  2. revmatty

    Even when I disagree with the editor’s opinion about a particular album or artist, I am constantly entertained by the excellent metaphors.

  3. fixiepixie

    She looks like a tranny David Bowie.

  4. Jude

    annoying? all of them.


    this one: http://www.discogs.com/viewimages?what=R&obid=732549

  5. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    On a looks basis alone, the one who looks like a more girly Andy Warhol.

    @nonce: Though, I am fond of the Bustra track, Fire It Up, because of it’s sampling of Knightrider.

  6. cerulgalactus

    “Tori sounds like Kate Bush” – 100 for originality.

  7. zaky

    I am a…..”M.I.L.F.”?

    Who is she kidding?

  8. Jupiter8

    @cerulgalactus: I agree-I think she should have stuck with the hair metal or songs about the Baltimore Orioles…

  9. candytuft

    How many times is Tori Amos going to do an album with different characters on it like a teenage girl playing dress up? This is not new for her. Scarlet was a character. Strange Little Girls were characters. The Librarian was a character. Yes, Tori, you are so much deeper than Madonna. She just changes her costumes, you “explore the soul”. Keep telling yourself that.

  10. Slowthree

    Oh please people – This is Tori’s best work since 1996 and this style of writing where “everything sucks and my cool-o-meter climbs through cynicism” is the leftover mantra that made Janeane Garofalo’s career exhausting.

    Tori Amos’ creative peak was 1996 and everything since has been too mellow to notice but she’s most assuredly back in full form on this album. As for M.I.L.F – women everywhere should be backing her up on the fact that it’s not something that should be censored – a woman can’t be sexy once she’s a Mother?

    Then again, a mother spawning people like you probably lost the sexiest years of her life keeping you alive.

    Write a real review next time – perhaps explaining specifically what makes a song not work..?

  11. messylilacs

    When a critic reviews anything their focus should be the art its self.Is this an actual review or a unneccesary snide-fest? This critique is not clever. It is not intelligent or informed. If you had something interesting or perceptive to say about this album or any other album… well, that would be ok. Your critiscims of Ms. Amos are base and unoriginal.And so are the readers’comments. Using Kate Bush comparisons? Please, that was an acceptable and fair in, maybe, 1990. The writer of this blog and all those commenting on it are relying on cliches and stereotypes. These comments are not based on actual knowledge of the artist or the album.Anyone who makes unintelligent and uninformed commentary are pandering to ignorance or just good ol fashioned meanness. Give Ann Coulter my regards.

  12. luci

    As a fan, I’ve devoured the album more than six times over, and I have to say, wigs off to Tori. Makes the 9 to 5-er’s cringe as usual. She’s pure genius.

  13. lfg210

    all the haters should watch this:

  14. ytfjktfjmh

    a tranny David Bowie? You make it sound like a bad thing… And Zaky, since you obviously haven’t noticed, she’s not being absolutely 100% serious when she calls herself a MILF. She’s just being cheeky, as well as fusing mother/whore archetypes at the same time. Right on.

  15. cherby11

    I personally think that music should be just appreciated for it’s ability to push boundaries, make us think a bit deeper than mundane reality and stretch ourselves with regard to what we as people are capable of. Some musicians are sickly sweet blatantly manufactured, quick buck music and it’s tthat stuff I hate because it just washes over you and is just not very creative. I adore Tori and Kate and do not think they are alike at all apart from the obvious label of ‘eccentric’. Tori has much more aggression in her music, and rightly so, and Kate has never been aggressive but much more whimsical and dreamy. I appreciate both for their messages in their music and if you lighten up a bit and don’t take sides, you will find it’s not about competition it’s about communication and no one is ever happy are they. Everyone always wants to pit one man or one woman or groups against each other. Well, there’s room for all, if you let it ! Cher

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