Idolator Said I Could Be Their Wingman Any Day. Actually, Just Today

Apr 20th, 2007 // 5 Comments

grape.jpgGilbert Cruz here, and I’ll be filling in today for Idolator’s wonderful Associate Editor Maura (whom I’ve never met and–seeing as how everyone writes these things from home–I probably never will. Hi, Maura!). They work you pretty hard here, so unless there’s a break in the Tupac case (unlikely, despite the Jam Master Jay thing and the Biggie thing) or Sanjaya signs a record deal (likely, if this guy can put out an album–been a while since you thought about him, huh?), I’m going to look like DiCaprio here by day’s end while they scream at me over Instant Messenger.

Unlike previous filler-inners, I have neither written a book, nor maintain a personal blog, nor have ever been on a game show–Rock and Roll Jeopardy-related or not. I used to write for an entertainment magazine where I once said that Pete Yorn wasn’t that bad. So it goes for my bona-fides, I guess.


  1. Chris Molanphy

    Welcome and good luck, Gilbert. And hey, what was the grade on that Pete Yorn album, anyway?

  2. Reidicus

    But you do know from good New York venues, I’ve recently discovered. And yes, we’ve “met” just like you and Maura have.

  3. Dan Gibson

    Believe me, my Rock and Roll Jeopardy win is vastly overrated.

    Good luck today. Remember, it’s a blogging marathon, not a blogging sprint.

  4. Feh Am Legend

    Hey, what does a commenter need to do to get a chance to be a substitute editor for a day? I once wrote an article on the Minutemen for my college newspaper.

  5. xtianrut

    Are you wearing acid-washed jeans like Leo & Johnny there? Cuz that could win you back some cred-points after the whole Pete Yorn thing…

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