Listening Station: The Rakes Clean It Up

Apr 19th, 2007 // 4 Comments

rakescover.jpgU.K. guitar act the Rakes had one of the best singles of 2005 with “Retreat,” a dark but poppy tale of British nightlife (which is basically all any U.K. guitar act writes about these days). The band’s sophomore album, Ten New Messages came out in the the U.K. last month, and while there’s no U.S. release date yet, you can grab it from eMusic; we know we’re suckers for this stuff, but you’ll thank us ten years from now, when Idolator Records releases NOW That’s What I Call Standout Tracks From Post-Libertines U.K. Guitar Bands That Also Listened To Maybe A Little Bit Of The Jam:

The Rakes – Trouble [MP3, link expired]
The Rakes – We Danced Together [MP3, link expired]
The Rakes [MySpace]

  1. jboy3533

    I like you, Idolator, don’t care much about US release dates, especially when you have sites like emusic & Ha the death of CD is neigh

  2. Xenu

    I believe American iTunes is selling Ten New Messages, too. I thought Capture/Release sort of fell apart into a quasi-New Wave muddle after the ripping first four tracks, but the new album is tighter and much more focused, a much better album, in my opinion. One can stream it from to preview it in full.

  3. StevenPatrickMorrissey

    post-punk = new wave

    the english didn’t call post-punk, new wave. americans did.

    either way, “capture/release” was sold as they come. bettered only by “a certain trigger” and “bang bag rock and roll”

  4. Xenu

    @StevenPatrickMorrissey: Capture/Release solid? Sorry. Not sold. Surpassed by the far superior A Certain Trigger and Bang Bang Rock & Roll? Most definitely. (Too bad Maxïmo Park really fell flat on their faces with Our Earthly Pleasures. Badly.)

    And thanks for splitting that post-punk/New Wave hair for me. That was really worthwhile. Shall I trot out the trip-hop dead horse how for you to beat it awhile?

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