Racy Female DJs Have It Tougher Than You Think

Apr 20th, 2007 // 3 Comments

DJladytribe.jpgYes, yes–your job is hard. You get up early every day, only to be surrounded by chattery co-workers, unappreciative higher-ups, and way-too-nosy DEA agents. But have you ever stepped out of your selfish skin and thought about what it must be like to be a hot female DJ? Have you never even considered how hard it must be to for them to segue “Can I Get A…” into “SexyBack” after a long day of cladding themselves scantily? Well, the L.A. Times cares:

“I can’t lie, it opens the doors,” [DJ Lady Tribe] says of her looks, which were recently immortalized by Maisto Toys’ Lady Tribe doll, complete with turntables. “But to stay in the clubs you need that skill. People can make their looks a marketing scheme. I ain’t no scheme. I dress like this because I like to dress like this. I’m naturally sexy, that’s the way I am, but I also believe in skill and credibility.”

Tribe has caught flak from other female DJs for her provocative outfits and magazine spreads, and she’s come to accept the catty looks she catches at places like Les Deux. An hour later, however, many of those same women are high-fiving her on the dance floor, requesting songs and offering to buy her drinks.

You see that? Catty looks! We told you it was hard livin’. If only one of her friends could defend her with a ludicrous-to-the-point-of-brilliant catchphrase. Hmmm…

“She has a real respect for the culture, history and work ethic of DJing,” says Hollywood celebrity DJ Morty Coyle. “You have to be able to close your eyes at a club and still be turned on by the DJ. Tribe brings her A game, not just her D-cups.”

Coyle’s quote may seem inspired, but he was actually practicing what to say for weeks, with “She brings her beats, not just her teets” and “She brings her sweet BPM, not just her sweet bippie” running as close second.



  1. 30f

    Aren’t we getting a little heavy on the “DJ credibility” issue. I though the main skill of a DJ was to be able to find enough plastic milk crates to store all their vinyl.

  2. Hallux Valgus

    @Audif Jackson Winters III: I didn’t know those “not wasted” nights existed for Sandra Collins.

  3. BawstonSean

    @30f: Counting to four is the primary skill. Finding the crates is more of a flashy trick, like scratching with your ass cheeks.

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