Aggregated Assault: What The Music Blogs Are Posting Right Now

Apr 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment

twee2.jpg-In a couple weeks, we’ll all be tired of reading about Mr. Scruffy here and his band (Will-Call, or something like that?). Until then, here’s some older stuff, some you may know, some not. [popheadwound]
-A smart look at the decline of the mixtape scene in the post-Juice, post-CD world. On a related note, not one of DJ Gilbert’s mixes has ever gotten anyone (including himself) any action. [Adam's World]
-Ever want to rip songs from someone’s MySpace page? This might help. Not that we’re saying you should do that. [Devlounge]


  1. dutchtwista

    Idolator dudes – we’ll stop laughing at you & start laughing with you when you stop using the words “smart” and “Adam Bernard” in the same sentence.

    that kid is personification of “wishes i was black, ten years older and not from CT”

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