Germs Drummer Cleaned Of All Charges

Apr 20th, 2007 // 2 Comments

Picture%202.pngYou might remember the story of Don Bolles, the Germs drummer who was arrested in Newport Beach, Ca. earlier this month when a container of soap he was carrying tested positive for GHB. And now, as expected, the charges have been dropped:

Orange County District Attorney spokeswoman Farrah Emami said it dismissed a felony charge of possession of a controlled substance and three related charges against rocker Don Bolles on Tuesday morning, after a crime lab’s follow-up test revealed the soap did not have GHB or any other drugs in it.

“The crime lab test was more of a precise, refined test” than the field test, Emami said.

We await the next installment of CSI: Newport Beach, in which the city’s crack police squad takes three hours to determine that 8-year-old Ronald Hemphil does not have “super-bad cooties,” despite several on-the-playground eyewitness accounts.

D.A. drops drug charges against punk rocker [North County Times]

  1. 30f

    I guess “the man” is deseperate for someone to keep down in North County.

  2. catdirt

    true story, last month, chula vista ca(south of san diego)- da dropped crystal meth sales charges after the large amount of crystal meth in defendant’s trunk proved to be actual crystal’s for a high school science project. but how did it get to being a felony charge in the first place? the crystal’s “field tested” positive for crystal meth. darn unreliable field tests! so tricky.

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