Jin’s Virginia Tech Tribute Is A Lil’ Better Than Lil’ Flip’s

Apr 20th, 2007 // 1 Comment

Jin.jpgShortly after we posted about Lil’ Flip’s half-touching, half-”WTF?” tribute to the Virginia Tech victims, an eagle-eyed commenter alerted us to an earlier, more tasteful in-memoriam freestyle by Chinese-American rapper Jin (who, unlike Lil’ Flip, is not pushing a recently released album). Using a hook from “Rain Rain Go Away”–surely, someone can help us figure out the original source–Jin manages conveys respect and regret without resorting to the easy emotion of a Cyndi Lauper sample (the news conference audio snippet at the end, however, reminds us uncomfortably of that Bruce Springsteen/Jerry Maguire song):

Jin – Rain Rain Go Away [MP3, link expired; via Nah Right]
Jin [Official Site]

  1. Jude

    got this in my in-box this morn–

    I’m speechless…but you had to figure those guys would whip up something right quick on that Napoleon Dynamite rambling soundalike sociopath.

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