Outro: Looking Back At A Week In Which We Tried To Distract Ourselves With Meaningless Nonsense

Apr 20th, 2007 // Comment

- If Sanjaya‘s looking for an outlet for his post-Idol music career, we know just the band.
- Project X reminds us that the seventies were even worse than we remember.
- Twisted Sister is not gonna take it anymore–unless it can get them some more licensing dough.
- Are you sick of being sick of Feist yet?
- The Copyright Royalty Board: Possibly more dickardly than the RIAA?
- Will hip-hop artists ever drop their materialistic, misogynistic ways? We’ll get the answer from Lil’ Jon, right after he finishes building his bronze stripper poles.
- Cancel our subscription, music industry, because we are through with your reissues.
- The above bad pun was stolen from the Village Voice.
- Finally, beloved readers, we thank for indulging our seemingly week-long Josie jones.

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