Listening Station: With Friends Like These, You’ll Feel Like The ’90s Never Ended

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 1 Comment

snipshot_e4175nb0tmq2.jpgLast night, one of your Idolators was driving around Seattle and flipping through the local radio stations; when we arrived at The End (the local alt-rock station, not the city limit), we came upon a song that we could have sworn was from the station’s mid-’90s archives, what with its scream-along vocals, bashed-out drums, and superfuzzed guitars. As it turned out, the track was “Clean Break” by the Emerald City trio With Friends Like These, who were guests on one of those local-music shows that get dumped into the Sunday-night programming slots of radio stations around the country. We’ve listened to the MySpace stream of “Clean Break” about five times so far this morning and recommend you do the same pronto, but really, this is the sort of throwback track that demands release on some sort of colored-vinyl 7-inch (maybe marble-green?):

With Friends Like These [MySpace]


  1. Weezy F Baby

    “can you feel my hand on your cheek?”

    oh boy, i never thought i’d miss mid-90′s emo.. but this really proved me wrong.

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