The Vault: Coloured Balls Keep On Rolling

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 1 Comment

colouredballs.jpgWe were just getting ready to post a few tracks by Coloured Balls–the Aussie boogie-rock band from the ’70s–when we noticed that guitarist Lobby Loyde passed away over the weekend. Lloyde’s death comes just a few months after a reissue of Ball Power, the excellent 1973 album that helped solidify the Aussie-rock game-plan that’s still being followed to this day: Fast riffs, to-the-point choruses and then a few even faster riffs. “Flash” is the album’s wailing opening track; as Stephen Malkmus notes in the reissue-package sticker, it’s the one song he always hope to hear while playing darts:

Coloured Balls – Flash [MP3, link expired]

  1. eddymunster

    wow, the coloured balls! i hadn’t seen this record since my childhood (in australia). didn’t realise this reissue had made its way to america, and i guess the malkmus seal of approval helps, but i’d like to recommend one of lobby loyde’s later production efforts: the mighty (australian) X.
    perhaps overlooked in the US due to their name, and even missing from some of the lobby loyde obits, the band featured a founding member of rose tattoo, ian rilen, who himself recently succumbed to cancer. their sound was lean, mean and hard and although they emerged in the punk era, you’d never really call them a punk band. at least one of their records was reissued in the US by amphetamine reptile, if that gives you any idea. aztec music, which reissued “ball power,” is also rereleasing the lobby loyde-produced “at home with you.” hope to see it on idolator!

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