M.C. Rove Tells Sheryl Crow To Suck Up The Sun

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 11 Comments

rovecrow.jpgIt’s been a few weeks since we heard from M.C. Rove, the Blackberry-wielding, animal-head-biting rap alias of White House Deputy Chief Of Staff Karl Rove. There were rumors of his whereabouts everywhere you turned: Some insisted he was taking meetings about launching his own power drink, while others claim he was prepping his own version of The Drought (not a mixtape, mind you–rather, he wanted to slow down FEMA’s weather-division response time so much, it would cause actual droughts). But Saturday night, Rove returned, entering an East Coast/West Coast battle with shampoo-commercial composer Sheryl Crow.

According to the Washington Post, Crow, Rove and Laurie David were attending the same black-tie dinner in Washington Saturday night; after David and Rove angrily clashed over global warming, Crow got all up in it:

Things got so hot that Crow stepped in to defuse the situation and then got into it with Rove herself. “You work for me,” she told the presidential adviser, according to singed bystanders. “No,” was his response. “I work for the American people.”

News of the dust-up filtered quickly through the room. Some witnesses said David was very aggressive with Rove; a shaken Crow later said that Rove was “combative and unresponsive.”

Damn! Nothing like a publicist-assisted, five-hours-later response track. We’re going to give round one to Rove, whose comeback rope-a-dope couldn’t have been better timed. Look for Crow’s response in next week’s rush-release bootleg, Strong Enuff Vol. 3.

At This Dinner, A Dollop of Vitriol [Washington Post]

  1. spinachdip

    @bnb614: Yes, reducing waste and minimizing impact on the environment is dumb as shit.

  2. Paul D

    @bnb614: Have you ever met someone before who is dumb, but didn’t realize they were dumb, because they hang out with other dumb people who have the same ideas and thoughts as them?

    Yeah, his name is George and he lives in a big, white house in DC.

    I’m no fan of Sheryl Crow, but Rove is a horse’s ass and a traitor and should be behind bars.

  3. bnb614

    SpinachDip, nice way to miss the point. A noble cause doesn’t equate to a brainiac spokesperson.

    Karl Rove isn’t the one traveling around the country with three semi-trucks, four tour busses, and six cars. He isn’t the one discussing the merits of toilet paper rationing, or shirts with removable sleeves so you can wipe your mouth on your sleeve and replace it, instead of using a paper napkins.

    Paul D, no arguments here.

  4. MConnor

    @bnb614: He’s not flying in corporate jets either. He flys commercial with the rest of us proles…as evidenced by my meeting MC Rove in the Austin airport.


    Seconds after taking this photo, he morphed into a Chupacabra and scurried off onto his United puddle jumper.

  5. spinachdip

    @bnb614: No, I get your point. I just think it’s a silly one in the whole scheme of things.

    Yeah, she could save more by not touring at all, and the detachable sleeve thing is a pretty fucking stupid idea. But we’re at a point where we’re still trying to get people to understand that global warming is a serious issue and that small changes in everyday life can make a difference, not trying to get everyone to go zero-impact, because that’s simply not realistic (though that would be fantastic). The bar’s low, but that’s where it’s set.

    And Crow’s tour kinda fits in with the message – she’s going to tour anyway, but if she can do it with lower emission vehicles and piggyback an environmental message with it, then maybe the net result is positive.

    Though I do have to wonder – are there people under 35 who would be caught dead at a Sheryl Crow concert?

  6. Hyman Decent

    I’m confused. Karl Rove’s position is political advisor, right? Was he even confirmed by the Senate for that position? Does he get a government paycheck? If the answers to my last two questions are negative, I don’t see how he can claim to work for anyone but the President.

    (By the way, did you cross-post this to Wonkette?)

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