Liner Notes: Pete Wentz Prepares To Spend Time With People Over The Age Of 21

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 7 Comments

wentzzzz.jpg- Pete Wentz is opening a “dive bar clubhouse” in Manhattan, the name of which will be 42 words long and include six puns. [New York Magazine]
- Madonna may have met with the father of her six-month-old Malawian child over the weekend. Then again, she may not have met with them. [People]
- 50 Cent’s new album, Curtis, will be released in June; guest stars Akon, Eminem and Justin Timberlake will all do their best to cover up the fact that Fitty sounds like monosyllabic billy goat. [Billboard]

  1. Bazooka Tooth

    A “dive bar clubhouse” for douches who play shitty music and admit to moving back into their teenage bedrooms at the age of 27 to get in touch with what it was like to be a 15 year old so he can sing about being a 15 year old. What a tool.

  2. lucasg

    swear to god, i am kind of getting old and i am definitely way out of shape, but if the chance ever comes my way to get a shot at beating the hell out of pete wentz, i am totally down for it. he should have already gone the seppuku route for having the balls to appear on the cover of one of the bass guitar magazines this month.

    what is it about bands like this that makes me so violent? this asshole, all of panic at the disco- while i could not pick either of their songs from a line up of two, seeing them in any capacity anywhere sends me in to berserker mode.

  3. KurticusMaximus

    You guys spend way, way too much time and energy hating Pete Wentz. The guy may be irritating, but he’s not the end of the world.

  4. Poubelle

    Isn’t there a picture of Mr. Wentz you could use that isn’t associated with his junk? I’m just saying, it might cut down on the rage a tad (at least, I know it would reduce mine, not to be reminded that I have seen way more of that boy than I ever wanted to).

  5. Bazooka Tooth

    Kuuuuurticus…..this guy is a disgrace to music and being a human being. I wouldn’t spend energy if the guy would just go the fuck away and stop being the world’s biggest douche.

  6. Silverfuture


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