Wu-Tang Web Site Gives Users Yet Another Reason To Switch To Firefox

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 8 Comments

A few months ago, we tipped our readers to a Firefox extension called Downthemall. While its name sounds like one for an organization devoted to fighting suburban sprawl, it’s actually a neat little download accelerator that allows users to snag all the MP3s on a Web page with just one click, and it’s become somewhat crucial to our blog-appreciation efforts. We were reminded of its utility today, when Spine Magazine linked to the Wu-Tang Clan’s recently updated downloads page; someone within the Wu-Tang camp has put up a whopping 215 MP3s of unreleased, rare, and demo tracks from the group. Seriously, this is the sort of thing Downthemall was made for, so get clicking before the bandwidth police rush the party.

Media Downloads [wutang-corp.com, via Spine Magazine]
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  1. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Thank you, Idolator.

    Some Wu Tang is great to get through a shitty Monday.

  2. Silverfuture

    The last time I DTA’s a collection like that I had about 400 tracks from Cypress Hill’s B-real. Unfortunately, I didn’t use a new folder, and everytime I shuffled that months’s blog finds, every third song was from B-Real. It was too much. I love the WU, but I’ll make sure to create a new folder first…

  3. Silverfuture

    “DTA’d” that should be…

  4. FouledOut

    Yeah, I discovered Wu’s extended list of free songs a few months ago…definitely took several hours to download one-by-one…

  5. loudersoft

    oh. my. god. i can’t feel my face.

    who dat? is that the stark ent…the enterprise or some shit?

    thanks idolator

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