Steven Adler May Be Welcomed To A Jungle Of TV Cameras Very Soon

Apr 23rd, 2007 // 3 Comments

sq-adler-bach-adlercom.jpgPerhaps realizing that compared to his stint as the drummer for Guns N’ Roses, any living situation would be seemingly sane, Steven Adler has reportedly signed on to be a member of the C-list petri dish The Surreal Life. If the reports from Metal Sludge are correct, Adler will be sharing screen time with Coolio, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Nicole Eggert, Lorenzo Lamas, porn star Kobe Tai and “an as-yet-unidentified seventh member.” Given VH1′s tendencies toward using Surreal as an ever-full well from which to draw other reality-show programming, is it too much to hope that the seventh member possess a connection to Adler, a three-letter first name–and an album that he just has to finish? Given the pace at which he works, after all, VH1 should be able to sustain its programming for at least seven or eight seasons.

X-Gn’R Drummer Steven Adler to Surreal Life? [Metal Sludge]

  1. noamjamski

    @maura: What would be awesome is if it was done as a Road Rules versus Real World type of game show.

    The twist? The teams aren’t LA Guns vs FP.

    It is all of the ORIGINAL members of both bands vs. all of the REPLACEMENT members of both bands.

    Controversy: which side does Brent Muscat play for?

  2. Whigged

    What’s funny is when I forwarded this list on, I heard these responses:

    “Didn’t Hacksaw Jim Duggan die?”

    “Isn’t Steven Adler dead?”

    These people are beyond D-List.

    I’ll watch.

  3. Thatgirl

    @maura: They could call it The Hard Rock Life!! CALL THE COAST

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