Coachella: Let The Scheduling Conflicts Begin

Apr 24th, 2007 // 25 Comments

coachella.jpgCoachella has posted the set times for this weekend’s festival. Time to choose your alliances! Will you sing along to the Arcade Fire or nod aggressively to Ghostface Killah? Will you save your best drugs for VNV Nation or Spank Rock? And finally, will you please go see Against Me! and tell us how it is? That new album is amazing, and you don’t really need to see Junior Boys, do you?

Coachella – Set Times []


  1. Xenu

    More reasons to hate Coachella. People go through such ridiculous effort and spend huge amounts money to go to this thing, and, every time I ask them about it, they never see the bands, having wandered away halfway through the sets. People spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to wander around taking digital photos for their MySpace page. And those of us with any sense who don’t relish wasting ridiculous amounts of money for half-sets in the Devil’s Asscrack – people who actually want to see these bands in a proper setting – miss nearly every major touring act for a third of the year because these acts consider Coachella their Southern California tour stop.

    If last year’s Madonna fiasco couldn’t end the Coachella inanity, I guess nothing will…

  2. Swankster

    Xenu – Jeeze dude(tte?). Its a fun festival. Its not all about cramming in shows. For a lot of people its a great excuse to meet up with friends from all over the country and have a good time in warm weather in a beautiful locale. Have some perspective.

    Yes you do miss some bands, but if you plan well you see who you want to see, and usually discover something else.

  3. Xenu

    @M.Swank: It’s out in East Jesus. It’s crammed with the Hipster Hamas. It costs the same for twenty good Troubadour/Spaceland/Avalon shows for one sunblistered, dust-in-your-armpits schlepp through the heat and pretension. You pay for bands you don’t want to see and have to miss things to do.

    There’s some perspective for you.

  4. Bazooka Tooth

    I am just surprised at the lackluster lineup.

    People still listen to Red Hot Chilli Peppers? No wonder the terrorists hate our freedom.

  5. Swankster

    Hipster Hamas is a pretty great term I must say, but then what about the Silverlake/Echo Park area then? Is that Hipsterezballah?

    So you don’t like going…ok check. Don’t go, but the vitriol is prob unnecessary no? Comes off bratty and bitchy. We’ll agree to disagree that people like going and others don’t. But Bands enjoy it and (most) people do too.

    Part of the Coachie understanding for veterans is that you’ll never see everything, its just not possible. Once you get past that…much more enjoyable and better able to plan.

  6. Dan Gibson

    Who goes to a festival and expects to see every band? It’s just not a part of the experience.

    Also, I discount anyone’s opinion who counts the Avalon as some sort of preferred concert destination. Are you totally bummed what they’re doing to the Palladium too?

    Maybe Coachella’s a nice place for people who can’t go out every night to hit each “important” show at every “important” club. I was more than willing to pay the ticket price, even if I only catch 30 bands. It’s called having fun, it might be worth looking into, Xenu, even if it’s not in a “proper setting”.

  7. Swankster

    Whoa! 30 bands? Someone is ambitious.

  8. Dan Gibson

    @M.Swank: I don’t really like music, I just go from tent to tent looking for celebrities or cast members of “The Hills”.

  9. Xenu

    @M.Swank: I’m sorry, but after years of people insisting I must go to Coachella like it’s some sort of holy pilgrimage – then proceeding to pummel me with crawling photo slideshows of their standing around in the desert drunkenly hanging off each other, with nary a band in sight – while the in-town concert calendar remainds virtually empty from March to August, yeah, I feel bratty and bitchy.

    @DanGibson: And Avalon occasionally gets good shows, those bands who can’t book the Wiltern when it’s full or the Greek when it’s cold. Fill in the Wiltern or the Fonda. Sheesh. I don’t care as much about a “proper” setting. I just don’t want a shitty one – like Coachella.

  10. Dan Gibson

    @Xenu: Sounds like you just need to get some new friends. LA will do that to you.

  11. sarahrose

    i’m gonna go ahead and stand up for Zenu with this one. all the savage posturing of coachella is a pain in the ass and the heat stroke is not a plus although most of you walking around in skinny jeans will disagree with me.

    i’ll take lolla or bonna over coachella any day. sorry, just not interested.

  12. Dan Gibson

    I’ve never been affected by the savage posturing, and I’ve been several times. Sure, there are idiots, but seriously, is anyone going to say there’s not a fair amount of ridiculous preening going on at the industry nights they call shows in LA? C’mon, seriously.

    If it’s all skinny jeans in your world, I’m truly sorry. I’m sure there will be something totally awesome on TV to ironically enjoy this weekend. Maybe that show where people competitively cut hair.

  13. Xenu

    @DanGibson: Nary a skinny jean in sight. I try to occupy that ever-vanishing middle ground between the Überserious Arcade Fire-is-life types and the We’re-just-here-looking-for-Sofia folks. I think said middle ground is scheduled to be relocated to Toronto in September.

  14. Swankster

    Good to see this all digress into a schoolyard coolness convo. It doesn’t appear that Xenu has ever been to Coachella from the comments…so whats the point?

    S/He just hates slideshows of fun.

  15. Dan Gibson

    That middle ground gave up their lease on that kind old weird place with the lemon tree in the yard they rented in Silverlake a few years ago, I think.

  16. Dan Gibson

    @M.Swank: If you’re going to question the point of cred-brawls, Swank, I’m going to ask you to find a new internets to read.

  17. Bazooka Tooth

    no matter what: P-fork festival has this lineup KILLED.

  18. Dan Gibson

    @Aquemini: Plus, there won’t be any hipsters there AT ALL.

    The price is nice, however.

  19. Josh Mock

    Kings Of Leon, The Decemberists, !!! and Andrew Bird all overlap on Saturday. That’s gonna be a tough call for me.

    I’m surprised that’s my only major conflict for the whole weekend, though.

  20. Xenu

    @M.Swank: That’s right! Coachella wins again! Have fun snarking all the kids not at Burning Man, Jr.

  21. Dan Gibson

    Xenu, everyone knows the bands at Burning Man totally suck. Plus, it’s totally outside the greater Los Angeles metroplex, and the cell phone coverage there is awful.

  22. sarahrose

    i don’t live in LA for a reason, so there is no reason for me to fly out for coachella and my fair share of bullshit. i’m an east coast girl and i wouldn’t have it any other way.

    and PS i don’t even have cable so trust me, i won’t be watching TV while you have a heatstroke. i will make one recommendation though: check out girl talk. i’ve had a blast at his shows. he doesn’t take himself seriously and nobody is too cool to dance. although that might not be true at coachella…

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