Sum 41 Members Now Slightly More Relevant Than They Were Last Week

Apr 24th, 2007 // 11 Comments

Canadian pop-punk outfit Sum 41 (whosit forty what now?) has found a way to snazzify the four-chord progression they’ve been banking for the last decade: Start writing songs about presidential assassination! The group’s new single, “March Of The Dogs,” contains the lines “And now the president’s dead/because they blew off his head/no more neck to be red/I guess to heaven he fled.” As MTV notes:

…when we reached out to [Sum singer Deryck Whibley] for comment about the song’s incendiary lyrics, he responded with a written statement:

“That line is a metaphor for how Bush is so ineffectual and incompetent as a president,” Whibley wrote, in reference to the song’s opening line. “It’s the worst way I could think of to describe how bad he is as a leader.”

Cue right-wing outrage. And, rather surprisingly, a fair amount of message-board outrage as well. When a link to Sum’s MySpace page appeared on the punk news site, reaction was varied — although more members than you might think took the band to task for the lyrics, which some saw as irresponsible, and others saw as the work of a group of outsiders (Sum are, of course, Canadian) who don’t have the right to criticize Bush.

The you-can’t-criticize-us-because-you’re-not-from-here argument, of course, is a knee-jerk response that–thanks to our ever-growing global marketplace–is more out-of-date than ever. It’s 2007, people, and whether you’re Canadian, American or Micronesian, we can all agree on one thing: Sum 41 remains a bunch of third-rate Fat Wreck-wannabes whose newfound political stance feels like a last-ditch cred-stab. Plus, Whibley clearly doesn’t know the definition of “metaphor.”

Sum 41 – March of the Dogs [YouTube]
Sum 41 Kills President In New Song — Deryck Whibley Says It’s ‘A Metaphor’ []

  1. Thatgirl

    Deryck and Avril are our Angelina and Brad, really. I hope they adopt an orphan soon.

  2. tigerpop

    Whibley said: “It’s the worst way I could think of to describe how bad he is as a leader.”

    Indeed, that was an awful description. And a worse metaphor.

  3. Jerkwheat

    wait a tic…aren’t they Canadian?

    why do I care again?

  4. Hallux Valgus

    @tigerpop: I would’ve thought the worst way to describe a leader would be, “just like Deryck Whibley,” but I guess that’s tough to rhyme.

  5. millwhistle

    Yeah, nice try, Mr. Hockeypants. If Bush is going to heaven, I’m a polar bear.

  6. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Ok, uhm that isn’t even fucking a metaphor. That is him using immature, shitty imagery.

    End of English nerd rant.

  7. KurticusMaximus

    Third-rate? C’mon guys, Sum-41 used to be pretty decent.

    They were fun live, they were funny, and they were lightyears better than blink. And, on occasion, they were pretty damn metal for a pop punk band (even if that was in part because they occasionally lifted riffs from Metallica).

    Besides, after the everybody gave Green Day a collective bj over the craptastic American Idiot, I think it was a foregone conclusion that Sum-41 would eventually follow suit.

    Sum-41 should go back to making amusing music videos with toys, that’s what they’re good at.

  8. KinetiQ

    Anyone interested in buying a 23-volume set of Serial Joe & Sum 41 slash? The first 10 volumes take place before Serial Joe’s vocalist’s voice dropped.

  9. greeneyed

    Idolator needs a little Sum41/Fat Wreck history lesson. Check out track number 2:,_Vol._1

    Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’ve been bashing bush for awhile now.

  10. ajazzabration

    Yeah bashing him all the way back to 2004. Thats basically forever. Those lyrics are cringe worthy.

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