Listening Station: German Post-Punkers Climb On An Iceberg

Apr 24th, 2007 // 4 Comments

338653195_m.jpgLast week, when we posted a selection of music videos celebrating Knut, the baby polar bear-slash-Vanity Fair cover star, Idolator commenter Jon Williams sent us a link to “Eisbär,” a 1981 polar bear-themed track by the German post-punk outfit Grauzone. Its slashing guitars and Morse code keyboards are probably a bit too harsh for the precious cub’s delicate ears, but who knows, maybe their chilliness will remind him of home:

Grauzone – Eisbär [MP3, link expired]
Grauzone [MySpace]
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  1. Jon W

    To be fair, I stole the link from Dream Chimney. :D

  2. Teen_Idle

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!! One of the greatest Neu Deutsch songs ever. It’s one of the most popular alt-hits ever in Germany, and is an instant scream-along any time it winds its way through a DJ set.

  3. Ascender

    That shit was great.

  4. Jamesmurphyisgod

    Grauzone was actually a Swiss band, not german. Their leadsinger was Stephan Eicher, a guy who had later big success as a solo artist in France.

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