Leak Of The Day: In Case You Were Wondering, Marilyn Manson Is Still Pretty Creepy

Apr 24th, 2007 // 16 Comments

artist_453.jpgMarilyn Manson’s “edgy” gallery show in Florida has ended, so it’s time for him to return to his attempts to shock the world through his music. “Heart Shaped Glasses” is the first single from Eat Me, Drink Me, and honestly, it’s not bad–especially if you ignore Manson’s adolescent innuendos and two-”note” vocal range and instead focus on the glam-goth music that’s backing him:

Marilyn Manson – Heart-Shaped Glasses [MP3, link removed; via MetalSucks.net]


  1. Jupiter8

    Too bad “Hollywood Squares” isn’t around any more…he’d be perfect…

  2. Hallux Valgus

    @Jupiter8: maybe he could be one of those things that hold up briefcases while people yell at them.

  3. Cheap Shot

    I agree with you idolator guys. the best part of this is the music ESPECIALLY the drumbeat and guitars.

  4. cassidy2099

    This song is beyond horrible, like Manson singing over some terrible Killers track. It really is a toss up whether the music or the lyrics are worse. Either way, nobody wins.

  5. ShupBish

    “Heart Shaped Glasses” obviously refers to the film version of ‘Lolita,’ as well as old man Brian’s new relationship with the young Rachel Evan Wood (who has also been photographed in heart spex).

    Given the ‘quality’ of the track, Brian should have entitled it “Fart Shaped Asses.”

  6. Xenu

    Yikes. This gives a whole new meaning to “The Dope Show.”

  7. AcidReign

    …..You know, I clicked the link thinking Manson was one of the few still making it big with big guitars. WTF? They must have upped his meds. Sad.

  8. nonce

    @Jupiter8: It’s just about time for the inevitable Talk Show Host phase. Like Donahue, but with clown makeup.

  9. Silverfuture

    I can’t believe I’m going to have to sit through this to get some Slayer.

  10. glassshowers

    you people don’t know anything about marilyn manson, how the industry works, or life.. the song is awesome.. it’s melodic, intoxicating, inviting.. and darkly sweet… not to mention a great single that will get new fans, please old fans, and please the record company… everyone wins.. brilliantly done.

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