Finally, A Place For Indie-Rock Snobs On The Internet

Apr 24th, 2007 // 2 Comments

–the online version of the downtown-NYC record store–finally launched yesterday. We’ve only given it a quick perusal, but most of the albums appear to be priced from $9.99 to $12.99, with individual songs going for $1.11; the tracks themselves are all DRM-free, 320kbps MP3s, which is a better quality rate than those offered on eMusic.

The real test will be whether Other Music Digital can replicate the success of its brick-and-mortar sibling–namely, thrive in a struggling industry by catering to a niche group of music fans. Judging by the artists currently on the top of the store’s recommendation charts (Papercuts, The Field, Panda Bear) and the labels on its roster (Kompakt, The Social Registry, Merge), it’s safe to assume the store won’t be stocking Daughtry anytime soon. But how can the site possibly re-create the experience of trying to sell back crappy used CDs to its famously picky staff?

Other Music – Digital Music Store


  1. ryan

    Last time I was at Other I stumped the clerk (You want what? It’s not uh…ringing a bell…what’s the label again?) and I must admit, it was pretty satisfying.

  2. The Playlist


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