Leak Of The Day: Elliott Smith’s “Moon” Rises

Apr 25th, 2007 // 3 Comments

emsith.jpgNeiles Life has a handful of MP3s from New Moon, the forthcoming Elliott Smith rarities collection that draws from Smith’s tenure on Kill Rock Stars. The two tracks below were supposedly recorded around the same time as 1995′s Elliott Smith album, and like just about every song Smith song from that era, they’re short and bittersweet:

Elliott Smith – Angel In The Snow [MP3] [link removed]
Elliott Smith – High Times [MP3, link expired]
New Moon [Kill Rock Stars site]


  1. balefire1

    am i remembering this clearly or didn’t you post “angel in the snow” right around Christmas time? are you re-gifting?

  2. dollywould

    Ah, that voice just breaks my heart every time.

  3. heyzeus

    I’ll never quite get over losing this guy. He was something special.

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