What To Expect From Blender’s New Concert Venue, Aside From Lots Of Boobs


As BrooklynVegan reported last week, the Gramercy Theater has been renamed the Blender Theater At Gramercy; Variety has some more information on the Live Nation-owned venue, which will host approximately 250 concerts a year:

The 600-capacity theater will relaunch Thursday with a kickoff party and perf by Wolfmother. David Johansen will be the evening’s emcee. The magazine will be a marketing and promotional partner.

Blender issues in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut will include a show schedule, and the theater will be used for Blender events. Blender.com will promote the venue as well and explore Webcasts of concerts at the venue.

In the interest of brand-building, the BTAG will also feature several amenities drawn from the pages of the magazine itself, including sporadic appearances of barely musical (but large-breasted) starlets, numerous Arctic Monkeys shout-outs, and a list of the 50 sexiest urinal cakes of all time.

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