The Directors Label Says “Cut” (Maybe)

gondrydisc.jpgEarlier this week, we mourned the loss of big-budget, low-brainpower music videos; now The Playlist is reporting that the Directors Label series–which compiled non-dumb clips from the likes of Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry and Anton Corbijn–might be finished:

The series also hoped to present the work of Roman Coppola, Shynola and Jean-Baptiste Mondino, plus a separate hip-hop series with Paul Hunter, Little X, and Chris Robinson…

It’s been almost two years since volumes 4-7 and people, myself included, have wondered, “what’s coming next?” Speculation had it that the series was done, so we talked to series creator Richard Brown who didn’t sound very optimistic and at best, the series sounds like its on indefinite hiatus. Brown didn’t say much and only kind of confirmed rumors that Roman Coppola was doing a DVD of his own work (he essentially had heard the same). “I don’t think Palm are doing any more titles,” he said in an email. “I would like to continue the series at some point but for now I’m tied up with film projects.”

Our plea to the powers that be: Please don’t shelve the series before giving The Collected Works Of Brett Ratner a try! We’ve always wanted to know the mis-en-secret to working with both Andy Dick and Jessica Simpson on that “Public Affair” clip!

Directors Label Series Kaput? [The Playlist]

  • Chris Molanphy

    Mondino would be a great addition to the collection, but what I’m really hoping for – especially after the success of Little Miss Sunshine – is a collection devoted to Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (“Tonight, Tonight,” “Been Caught Stealing,” “Californication,” etc.).

    I rest my case (cf. my comment the other day). The medium is dying. A shame.

  • Hallux Valgus

    I could’ve sworn there was a David Fincher volume as well.

  • The Playlist

    Fincher wasn’t interested in doing one. He thought his videos were too dated.

  • The Playlist

    Mike Mills and Hammer & Tongs were going to be in the next editions, not sure if the Idolator story had that (the playlist did)

  • Xenu

    @Big Money, No Whammies: There is no Fincher volume, which is a shame. There is a volume for Mark Romanek, another slick visualist who, like Fincher, is closely associated with Madonna. And the Palm volumes are, sadly, not comprehensive. The Romanek volume omitted his Macy Gray videos and the really fantastic “If You Can’t Say No” video for Lenny Kravitz; Gondry’s own Lenny Kravitz video, “Believe,” was among the missing items on his set. Given that the same artist’s work is missing from both sets, I have a feeling it’s a question more of rights than the directors’ not feeling the work measures up.

    Dayton/Faris would be great; thankfully, The Smashing Pumpkins did put out a video collection with all of that team’s videos they did for them, much of Dayton/Faris’ best work. A case could be made for sets for Jonas Åkerlund, Floria Sigismondi, Hammer & Tongs, and Samuel Bayer, too.

  • Jupiter8

    What, no Russell Mulcahy? Dang, I was hoping for something with teased hair and snakes….

  • Xenu

    @The Shit Disturber: That’s a shame Fincher feels that way about his old videos, because his work was massively influential on what followed. His videos for Madonna – arguably his very best – are available on her DVD compilations, at least. “Express Yourself” and “Vogue” still look as good today as they did nearly two decades ago.

    Hopefully Hype Williams will come through for us and provide a comprehensive look at his œuvre. We all could use a twelve-disc survey of fisheye lenses and white letterboxes, right?

  • Trackback

    Boo. It looks like the Director’s Label Series is probably dead. [via]