Leak Of The Day: Franz Ferdinand Does Its Best LCD Soundsystem Impression

Apr 26th, 2007 // 7 Comments

has an MP3–possibly ripped from MySpace–of Franz Ferdinand covering LCD Soundsystem’s “All My Friends.” The FF track is slated to appear as an LCD B-side next month, and while LCD’s tinkling piano lines make a quick cameo, this version far more Hooky (ha!) than the original:

Franz Ferdinand – All My Friends [MP3, link expired]
Franz Ferdinand [MySpace]
LCD Soundsystem [MySpace]

  1. Quartermass

    I found the John Cale version…

  2. Xenu

    Hey, I remember Franz. It’s good hear something new from them. (Strange a year-and-a-half can feel like an eternity in pop music…)

  3. CultureBully

    Why can’t we just enjoy the LCD version before The Man takes it away from us? Why…?

  4. DeeW

    This would be the perfect opportunity for me to insert a snarky comment about Franz Ferdinand. But, I can’t. They’re just too nice. And their music is pretty good, too.

  5. the rich girls are weeping

    LCD Soundsystem + Franz Ferdinand = The bastard sons of New Order, apparently.

  6. the rich girls are weeping

    @Quartermass: Um, wow. You rule.

  7. eatsshootsleaves

    Wow, this really does sound a lot like New Order. Actually, it sounds exactly like “Age of Consent,” only, you know, not good.

    (Confession: I secretly love Franz Ferdinand. Just not this song.)

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