Leak Of The Day, Part II: T.I. Doesn’t Break A Sweat

Apr 26th, 2007 // Comment

tihat.jpgThe Smoking Section has a couple of new T.I. tracks: “No Sweat” is a quick-hit boast track, while “Ain’t Gonna Let You Bother Me” is a surprising slow jam–albeit a slow jam with an annoying number of DJ cut-ins. Meanwhile, don’t you just want to sneak up behind T.I. and push the brim of his hat just a little, to see if it would fall over? His head’s like a Jenga board.

T.I. – Ain’t Gonna Let You Bother Me [MP3, link expired]
T.I. – No Sweat [MP3, link expired]
T.I. [MySpace]

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