Idolator’s American Idolatry: It’s The Morning After, And We Have A Few Questions

Apr 26th, 2007 // 4 Comments

celine_elvis.jpgNow that last night’s American Idol charity ball is 12 hours past us, we can get on with our day, and listen to some old Elvis songs in order to wash away the stain of Celine. But even in the light of the morning, we’re grappling with a few important questions about last night’s goings-on. To start: Are people serious about being angry that there was no elimination last night? We were really kidding with our “suckers” line, but apparently there are people who really do feel taken for a ride because their votes won’t count for a whole week.

- Were the raised-money totals not updated for the West Coast feed of the show? We’ve seen $30 million as the quoted figure everywhere. Is this just another example of East Coast bias?
- Where was Borat–sensitivity training?
- Did the Idol camera crew really go to Tom Cruise’s house for the sole purpose of asking how many funerals he’d attended?
- Is everyone going to follow LeBron James’ lead and release their full “Stayin’ Alive” performances? We’re sure Teri Hatcher’s pratfalls will be amazing.
- Was Hugh Grant’s baked bean incident related at all to why he looked so rough?
- Who’s going to get pink-slipped for neglecting to edit Sanjaya out from the Elvis-Celine travesty?
- Will that person get a reprieve because watching that segment any more times than absolutely necessary must have created a way-too-stressful work environment?
- Why didn’t 2005 Playmate Of The Year Tiffany Fallon get any screen time?
- This one comes from a commenter: “Did anyone else find it as amusing as I did that Allstate was “sponsoring” all the New Orleans segments? The same company that didn’t want to pay home owners for hurricane damage (because it was really flood damage, natch) is gonna sponsor a teary eyed segment about the plight of New Orleans homeless? Are you kidding me?”
- Il Divo: Why? No, really. We need to know.

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  1. Hallux Valgus

    Since I didn’t get to have any live blog fun:
    ~No, the totals weren’t updated for the West Coast feed

    ~Randy went to New Orleans. Simon and ryan went to Africa. Paula went to… Hollywood?

    ~I thought the Simpsons bit was funny. What did happen to Dunkleman?

    ~Madonna said something about “everyone back home…” Doesn’t she live in England now?

    ~there sure were a lot of ads for Applebee’s, McDonald’s, et cetera for a telethon about hungry African kids

  2. dollywould

    I didn’t get to see the show last night, but thank goodness for youtube.

    I looooves me some Kelly Clarkson.

    @chrisb: Be patient, grasshopper. I’m sure it will find its way online soon.

  3. thirtyseven

    Il Divo was on because they are a Simon Cowell creation.

  4. Feh Am Legend

    I’m not an Idol watcher, so trying to figure out what this show was like from these posts is a serious, WTF?

    Thanks for the Clarkson link. Great pipes that one. But what’s with Nigel Tuffnel soloing through the whole thing? (Yeah, I’ll take the easy joke.)

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