Listening Station: Drew Barrymore Is Cold As Ice

drewpic.jpgA few months after crooning alongside Hugh Grant in Music & Lyrics, Drew Barrymore now has a single of her own: “Cold Hard Truth,” a just-released song from the long-delayed soundtrack to Lucky You (easily the Chinese Democracy of Curtis Hanson gambling dramas). Barrymore plays a struggling singer in the movie, and her performance here isn’t too bad; you can hear a little bit of Aimee Mann, and a whole lot of vocal coaching:

Drew Barrymore – Cold Hard Truth [MP3, link expired]

  • nighttimingbaby

    is there anything she can’t do? oh yea, act and sing.

  • jbpeevish

    …and a whole lot more of `help me make it through the night’

  • filmtex

    Well Drew’s singing may not be too bad but the song is horrible. It sounds quite a bit like “Help me make it through the night”. I’ll bet Drew’s record company will be singing pretty soon- the blues- as this cd sells as well as most of the other junk out there. I’ll take Lynn Andersons version of “Help me make it…” any day.

  • brasstax

    I shouldn’t like this, but I do.

    *listens some more*

    OH NOES! I liked it until she did the unnecessary key change there toward the end.

  • BadUncle

    That voice is but one more reason to love The Drew. But here, it’s like pouring honey into a jello/marshmallow parfait.

  • Shumina

    It’s not horrible. I would *never* buy a CD or an MP3 of her crooning, but I’ve heard worse. And yeah, she didn’t need the warble at the end. Cliche’.

  • Trackback

    The three of you who saw Music & Lyrics know that Drew Barrymore can attempt to sing. Further proof will come in her next film Lucky You, where she contributes a song to the soundtrack.

  • cerulgalactus

    I like the voice, but that was proven in Music and Lyrics; but the song is as Boring As Batshit.

  • beaumontjones

    Awful! What are you people hearing? Her range is finger-width and she badly needs an antihistamine. And that song! Whoah. It sounds like a reject for a TV commercial about saving for retirement. Please, if have not yet DL the song I beg you to stop listening before the key change! It’s potentially spleen-exploding. . . Yeah, I might have just saved your life.

  • TheSkinny

    Well, there go three minutes I’ll never get back. Damn you. Damn you to hell, Idolator.

  • Jupiter8

    After listening to that and looking at her picture, I can’t determine if she owes more to ProTools or Photoshop…

  • Greg Johnson

    CHEERS to this especially catty thread of comments! JEERS to Drew Barrymore’s make-up spaz. Or something.

  • Freepster

    Remember when she showed off her tits and tattoos in Playboy? Ah, youth!

  • EightE1

    This is a George Jones song from maybe 10 or so years ago. It certainly sounded better and more … um, genuine … sung in Jones’ wearier-than-thou voice, than this. This is really barely a performance at all.