Jefitoblog Proves To Be A Crucial Read, Even With No MP3s

Apr 26th, 2007 // 1 Comment

As jefitoblog recovers from its disappearing-filesystem incident of last week, the proprietor has handed over the reins to a “legally savvy” reader, who uses his space to craft a thorough argument in favor of an alternative music-pricing scheme. In it, the unidentified law expert takes to task both sides of the music-piracy issue–the “Lattimorists,” or copyright absolutists, and the “God Damn Hippies,” who think that music should flow as freely as water–and comes up with a Solomon-like solution: A yearly license for DRM-free music, which is a proposal that will enrage both sides, and which, as such, just might work. (At the very least, it seems more feasible, on a long-term scale, than one side stealing and the other side suing, right?)

Of Lattimorists, Goddamn Hippies, and the (Possible) Future of Copyright Law [jefitoblog]
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