Leak Of The Day: The Killers Suck The Joy Out of Joy Division

Apr 27th, 2007 // 16 Comments

killerrrrs.jpgThe Music Slut has an MP3 of the Killers covering “Shadowplay,” the classic 1979 Joy Division track. This version supposedly plays during the closing credits of the upcoming Anton Corbijn-directed Control, which is good, because if it came any earlier in the film, we’d probably walk out. Let’s just say that we spent a good ten minutes working on a “Please Brandon, Don’t Curtis” headline pun, until we realized it wasn’t worth the effort:

The Killers – Shadowplay [MP3, link expired]


  1. Ned Raggett

    No jury would convict me.

  2. xtianrut

    @Ned Raggett: Hell, I’d post your bail.

  3. beta.rogan

    And I’d drive the getaway car.

  4. Jude

    @Ned Raggett: not just A lawyer for your defense, but the best TEAM I could assemble.

  5. SonOfSlam

    After all that, I listened anyway.

    Why? Why did I do that?

  6. Ned Raggett

    You can’t say you weren’t warned.

  7. Nicolars

    I guess if the intended effect is to make you want to hang yourself, this cover is a runaway success.

  8. Xenu

    @Ned Raggett: I’ve been wanting to trample Flowers for the longest if only for the ridiculous Colonel Sanders couture. I say we all line up and take a stab, Murder on the Orient Express-style.

  9. oconnill

    Ian Curtis was doomed from birth if he had not commited suicide this Brandon Flowers cover would have defiantly killed him.

  10. Anonymous

    Oh no they motherfucking didn’t.


  11. emeryemeryemery

    Let me tell you folks a story. Once upon a time, a little after the war started, I was dating this girl, and she loved the Killers. (She turned out to be completely, utterly crazy and has been institutionalized more than once since we broke up. I wonder if this was coincidence.) I put up with that unlistenable crap (and the crazy, don’t forget the crazy) because the sex was great, but I don’t think everybody who bought Sam’s Town got a fierce beej from a redhead with daddy issues. Therefore, I am at a total loss to explain how it has sold more than about six copies.

    But I could never put my finger on why they were putrid.

    Now at last I know why. They idolize post-punk, but in the way a special needs child idolizes something shiny. They have no clue why it works.

    Post-punk was mostly art students and mopey guys who were too serious to be punks. It wasn’t a bunch of slick muffinfuckers from Vegas who don’t even have the balls to rip off Gang of Four properly. “Somebody Told Me” just hurts. It is so vapid and preening and full of its own bullshit, but it had a few payola dollars behind it and so everybody who didn’t know any better though it was so indie and different. I refer to those people as “Trendy Fucks,” and now thanks to them and their idiot cash I’m forced to endure Colonel Sanders and the Mustache Kids every time I turn on MTV2. I am subjected to their bloviating shit and complete wankery to the point where I write long, obscene rants about them on the internet. Thanks, Killers, for crapping on everything you touch like some sort of poop Midas.

  12. BlimpyMcFlah

    I liked it!


  13. JustThisGuy

    Oh my God, the–guitar? Was that a guitar?

    30 seconds in. Push stop. Consider the eulogy for the bit of me that just died. Immediately do a virus sweep–you know, just.in.case.

  14. MyBigMouthStrikesAgain

    nothing could have prepared him for what happened next. as he clicked on the link, he thought to himself, “there is no way this is going to be good”. in fact he knew it would be very, very bad. whether it was curiosity, morbid fascination or the need for self flagellation, he opened the link. recently clairvoyants, seers and other self-appointed prophets have been using world events to signify the apocalypse, but nothing seemed to display the end of man better than what he heard next. And as he listened, he began to weep.

  15. earlyboxer

    deeeos mio, mang. i’m sorry i’m late to the killers/shadowplay beatdown. but, i’m also not too sorry. because that means i would’ve been exposed to it back in april when i was depressed.
    i heard this last night on the radio and had to pull the car over because i was afraid i’d decide to brake suddenly and/or drive my car into a storefront.
    this “cover” sounds like a botched abortion that survived somehow. anton corbjin, brandon flowers, and whoever owns the publishing should apologize to me for making me feel this way.

  16. Anonymous

    Stop crying and listen to it LOUD!

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