This Year’s College-Campus Band Of Choice Will Make You Step Out On A Ledge

Apr 27th, 2007 // 30 Comments

3eblind.jpgAccording to our most recent reader survey, more than four percent of our readers attended college, meaning that a few of you are familiar with the end-of-the-school-year ritual known as the spring concert (or, as it’s more commonly know, Bongs-n-Songs). Usually, said concerts feature an impossibly diverse, committee-picked line-up, but IvyGate has detected a peculiar trend among some of this year’s line-ups:

We did a quick survey to see which schools booked which bands to perform at their spring concerts. The results are, frankly, stunning:

Brown – The Flaming Lips, Soulive, The Roots, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Misson of Burma, Yo La Tengo

Cornell – T.I., TV on the Radio

Columbia – Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Blackalicious

Dartmouth – Third Eye Blind

Harvard – Third Eye Blind

Penn – Ben Folds, Third Eye Blind

Princeton – Third Eye Blind

Yale – T.I., Sister Hazel

We won’t begrudge the charms of “Semi-Charmed Life,” but are there any college students out there who’d actually want to hear an entire circa-2007 3EB set? Or has the ’90s revival suddenly taken a new and more terrible direction?

Apparently Third Eye Blind Still Exists, Is Popular [IvyGate]

  1. Greek McPapadopoulos

    Who the fuck wants to visit Hanover, anyway? Not like the choices are usually stellar.

    But Third Eye Blind did win a vote, topping Hot Hot Heat (my personal choice).

  2. Greek McPapadopoulos

    Oh, and we got the Roots in the Fall. So, we have that going for us as well.

  3. Maura Johnston

    @kaate: at the pf chang’s-delayed t.i. show a few weeks back, his opening act was clap your hands say yeah.

  4. Bazooka Tooth

    Third eye blind? Really? Ouch.

    When I was at University of Florida, we had really good free concerts:

    Tribe, and Black Eyed Peas (when BEP’s first album just came out, before they got super sucky)

    The Roots

    Outkast and Ludacris (right when Stankonia came out)- this had to be the best ever. The city was crazier than when we won the National Championship(s)*

    * Notice that plural (yeah!)

  5. j-will

    What’s funny is that my best friend played in two separate bands that siggidy-supported Das EFX in 1996 at Wesleyan and 2002 at Connecticut College. I guess they’re still miggidy-making the kiggidy-college rounds for the spriggidy-spring concerts.

  6. iDrew

    3EB? That’s still better than my freshman year at Harvard when we had The Verve Pipe.

  7. Snowbrigadier

    Last year, didn’t Yale have Gunther? I remember my then-boyfriend was really excited about it.

  8. MTS

    I have a comment to make about Penn and the student population having its head up their collective asses, but I’m too tired to make it.

  9. Hallux Valgus

    @Mike P.: I think it’s more about band accessibility. When I was a concert promoter, we used Violent Femmes as a filler band for at a few shows every year just because they were easy to book.

  10. nonce

    I went to a third-tier Catholic college–our spring break concert would be a flute recital, maybe.

    In grad school I’m surrounded by people who are refreshingly music-nerdy, though; people can spot references to everything from Foreigner to the Childballads in my work. And last week, no lie, one of my classes had a long discussion about ODB, Mystikal, Bjork, and discourses of whiteness.

  11. rad_matter

    Ooh, I can’t wait for the retracted lawsuits against T.I. at Cornell and Yale!

  12. Diglett

    WTF?!?! When I was at Princeton we had P-Funk and James Brown. Then again we also had the Wallflowers. And most kids thought George Clinton was someone who ran for president or something. So nevermind.

    But that Columbia lineup? That is, frankly, to use some late-90s college lingo, the shit. I’m kind of secretly all about Blackalicious right now.

  13. mike a

    I love random Spring Fling lineups. My favorite from my college years: Allan Holdsworth opening for the Ramones. With some crappy new wave band in the middle who literally got booed off the stage – one of the only times I’ve ever seen that happen!

  14. Maura Johnston

    our end-of-the-year show my freshman year: pavement. it was also my birthday. even god street wine being on the bill could not dim the awesomeness of that day.

    (the next year, maceo parker headlined, and a bunch of bands affiliated with the aware label served as also-rans. yeah, vertical horizon!)

  15. cassidy2099

    My freshman year spring concert at Lake Superior State University(small college in the Upper Pennisula of Michigan) was Unkle Cracker. I worked for the campus radio station, and he initially balked at doing an interview because he couldn’t smoke in the station. My friend and I went on the air and made fun of him for a half hour, and surprise surprise, he came down to talk. He was very small. So, don’t complain about 3EB.

  16. hotshot

    My alma mater, Syracuse, has a pretty kickin’ “Block Party” show this year: TV on the Radio, Lupe Fiasco and Ciara.

    Something for every demographic!

  17. Airsank

    I went to Rice and one time we had Bowling For Soup play. They were pretty…umm…I should have gone to Brown or, at least, the Issac Brock School of Design.

  18. Bob Loblaw

    Freshman year we had Better than Ezra / Naughty by Nature. I transferred. Subsequent years at my new school we got Walkmen / Modest Mouse and Ben Kweller / Wilco.

  19. Chris Molanphy

    Having attended the T.I.-and-Sister Hazel school, I must admit that this bizarre lineup is an improvement over what we regularly got back in the day. I seem to recall we booked Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers twice during my four years on campus. T.I. is a massive improvement, and even Sister Hazel (snore) is somewhat less embarrassing than the sort of fare we got back then.

    Right after I left, Yale’s booking prowess improved considerably. They somehow got No Doubt in 1996, at the height of their early fame.

    I have to agree that Brown’s lineup puts all the other Ivies’ to shame.

  20. sncreducer

    I covered the spring show at UC Santa Barbara one year, when NOFX was the headliner. But the real stars of the day were on the “second stage” (a bunch of 3-foot risers on the opposite end of the stadium).

    A hardcore/death metal band called Much, with lead vocals by Dustin Diamond … yes, “Screech” from Saved By The Bell.

    The only thing more awesome than hearing Screech bellow unintelligible lyrics in his best angry-gorilla voice was when the crowd turned on them. A full water bottle to the head took Screech down, leaving his co-lead vocalist simultaneously singing and knocking down flying bottles while Screech was carried off the stage and loaded into a waiting ambulance.

  21. Sangralita

    I doubt that too many college students actually care to hear Third Eye Blind. I’m assuming that considering budgeting limitations, the schools could not get a bigger, more popular group to play.

  22. GiantPanda

    wow… Cornell though, match made in heaven.

  23. sweetivy

    this year’s spring concert on my campus is the my chemical romance/muse show. last year we had wilco and the year before, the roots. discussion?

  24. iDrew

    Last year Yale had Ben Folds and Ludacris. I was there. It was insane.

  25. stephenbush

    During my three years at the University of Texas at Austin, we have hosted three very different headliners…

    THE GOOD: The Roots
    THE BAD: Ryan Cabrera
    THE UGLY: Little Richard

  26. mike a

    One of the benefits of being on the wrong side of 40 is this: my freshman year show? R.E.M. on the Preconstruction Tour. With the Neats opening.

    It was the Lords of the New Church the next year, which wasn’t nearly as good.

  27. heyzeus

    This very spring, Rice University had Okkervil River. Big ups yourself, Rice.

  28. sduncker

    As ridiculous as it seems, as a college student I find it off-setting how some of these schools that have Ivy League funds and world renowned research facilities can’t do the research to find any bands with even an ounce of indy cred. Here at Florida State we had Yo La Tengo, Camera Obscura, Of Montreal, Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Diplo, Ratatat, The Decemberists, Tilly and the Wall, Mr. Lif and like 10 more great bands that can’t come to mind just this year alone. I guess it shows where our priorities are. When it comes down to it, I’ll take my cheap, shitty education and cool bands over some ritzy, expensive Ivy League education and 3rd Eye Blind.

  29. Snowbrigadier


    I should have remember that. I heard him sing snatches of. “Bitches ain’t shit” every day for like two weeks

  30. hndinglove

    @Mike P.: totally saw both of these bands in college, yup! v. femmes seemed like they would rather be anywhere else than playing to a bunch of indifferent kids on a quad.

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