“The Ugliest Album Cover Of The Year” Race: We’re Going To Need A Big Eraser For This One

erasure.jpgPresented for your approval: The cover of Erasure’s upcoming Light At The End Of The World. Is it a new solar system? An American Idol bumper graphic? Or did Jeff Lynne just get a new vanity license plate?

(Oh, and unlike that Bjork cover, we’re pretty sure this is real)

  • janine

    I’m pretty sure I had a Trapper Keeper that looked just like that in middle school.

  • Ned Raggett

    “I can’t believe I used to like these guys!”

  • mackro

    Yeah, but this is Erasure. Gawdy, glittery, and pink makes sense for them.

    Then again, I haven’t listened to the band since “Star”, so I have no idea if they sound like Dashboard Confessional now or not.

  • Ned Raggett

    They did an acoustic album and a live in Nashville album. Anything is possible now.

  • chrisb

    That looks like a Panama City airbrush job. Gays should know better.

  • gorillavsmarykate

    It reminds me of the Lupe album, especially the back cover…

  • Agro

    The real Bjork album cover was a lot worse.

  • valet_of_the_dolls


    Exactly. Once upon a time, they could commandeer Pierre & Gilles; now they get some guy who should be customizing vans out of his parents’ garage.

  • Cam/ron

    The cover looks like a cross between a circa 1990 Lisa Frank binder and a customized, spray-painted shirt sold at the California State Fair carnival.

  • Tenno

    This is where gay design comes full circle, embracing something so awful, so pink, so gaudy, that the only choice people have is to gawk in awe.

    On your knees people, your new overlord rocks circa ’90s ‘ice’.

  • zaky

    This is hardly “gay design”—don’t speak for all of us. This would just be really, really tacky. Just like the music.

  • The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    @Cam/ron: It totally is a Lisa Frank design.

  • AcidReign

    …..Huh? I thought Jeff Lynne’s last album cover was pretty cool:


  • StevenPatrickMorrissey

    bunch of haters here…

    leave erasure alone. they’ve consistently written some great pop tunes over the years. while the album cover leaves a lot to be desired, the first single from the record is pretty damn good!

  • BRATMix

    It is a real cover. I just got a copy in the post on Friday.

    Music tip: the b sides for the album are better than the album. Heard them about a month ago. Classic Erasure. Why they were pushed to b-sides is beyond me.