The “120 Minutes” Clock Starts Ticking Again

120minutes.jpgIt’s Dave Kendall-free (for now), but VH1 Classic has brought back the much-beloved 120 Minutes franchise, although it doesn’t have any of the trappings of the original version:

In a relatively interesting development, altmusictv has learned VH1 Classic has brought back 120 Minutes… sort of. They’ve renamed The Alternative, their block of ’80s and ’90s alternative videos to 120 Minutes.

The video block is otherwise the same, with no host, no old 120 logos (they’ve created a new logo), and no old clips from the original show.

We haven’t seen the new logo, but we’d like to suggest that it immediately be swapped out for the “family tree of alt-rock” that Jackin’ Pop’s MS Paint master, Jess Harvell, came up with yesterday. It’s after the jump.


(Should VH1 Classic decide to bring back Matt Pinfield, there’s an alternate version created by I Love Music’s strgn.)

120 Minutes returns… sort of [altmusictv]