The “120 Minutes” Clock Starts Ticking Again

120minutes.jpgIt’s Dave Kendall-free (for now), but VH1 Classic has brought back the much-beloved 120 Minutes franchise, although it doesn’t have any of the trappings of the original version:

In a relatively interesting development, altmusictv has learned VH1 Classic has brought back 120 Minutes… sort of. They’ve renamed The Alternative, their block of ’80s and ’90s alternative videos to 120 Minutes.

The video block is otherwise the same, with no host, no old 120 logos (they’ve created a new logo), and no old clips from the original show.

We haven’t seen the new logo, but we’d like to suggest that it immediately be swapped out for the “family tree of alt-rock” that Jackin’ Pop’s MS Paint master, Jess Harvell, came up with yesterday. It’s after the jump.


(Should VH1 Classic decide to bring back Matt Pinfield, there’s an alternate version created by I Love Music’s strgn.)

120 Minutes returns… sort of [altmusictv]

  • Chris Molanphy

    They should dig up Kennell and do all pre-Nevermind alternative, with nonstop blocks of Peter Murphy and Siouxsie. Oh, and the occasional Killing Joke clip; Kendall loved him some Killing Joke.

  • Chris Molanphy

    [Kendall, not Kennell, sorry - but who knows? maybe ol' Dave does look dog-like these days...]

  • brasstax

    I credit Dave Kendall with introducing me to a lot of what I still listen to these days. If they brought him back to host, I’d die!

  • Maura Johnston
  • michaelpop

    Wait, so does this mean that instead of 3-hour blocks of “The Alternative” that we’re only going to get 2 now? Seriously, can someone find out?

    As it is, I probably have about 20 hours of “Alternatives” taking up space on my DVR. To me it’s like the radio, but with pictures (okay, I realize that that’s pretty much how people back in the day first pitched the concept of “the television”, but you know what I mean, right?) I just put it on in the background, do a little reading, and if a song comes on that catches my interest, I’ll peek up and check it out. It’s gotten me into so much stuff that came out before my time, i.e. pre-Nevermind.

  • J DTZR

    Kendall was THE 120 Minutes man. Better than Lewis Largent, that’s for damn skippy.

  • chrisb

    Wow, blast from the past. 120 Minutes was like the greatest thing from my high school years. (High school was not kind to me.) Every Monday morning, I’d rush to the record store to buy tapes from new bands I saw the previous night.

  • moded

    Didn’t Liam Gallagher (or someone in that pseudo-Russian novel ilk) try to pull Dave Kendall’s toupee off during an interview?

    Apparently based on a quick glance of his IMDB Kendall’s been busy producing porn in the years following 120 Minutes. Rough.

  • Catbirdseat

    Somewhere in Viacom HQ, there’s a huge, dusty library of Betacam tapes of the old 120 Minutes show. If they would just air these, I don’t think I could possibly tear my sorry ass away from watching obsessively. So, note to Viacom execs: there you go- I’m assuring you of an audience of at least one. That’s gotta be better viewership than “I’m From Rolling Stone.”

    (Note to the USA Network: the same goes for those dusty old Night Flight tapes.)

  • Jupiter8

    Matt Pinfield is now on HDNET. And if you haven’t splurged for High Def yet, seeing Matt Pinfield’s shiny Uncle Fester dome in 1080 lines of resolution will help you make up your mind…

  • Hallux Valgus

    @moded: oh man. How bad has your career gone if you’re a story editor for a porn flick?

    just think about that for a minute. Story Editor. Porno. Isn’t that like being the writer for a bass fishing show?

  • dntsqzthchrmn

    Kendall introducing The Mighty Lemon Drops’ “Upside Down”: “Here’s a band that sucks….”

  • Catbirdseat

    @moded: Liam Gallagher?!! Dude, it was Johnny Rotten. I don’t Oasis wasn’t even born yet.

  • Catbirdseat

    Grammar am bad at me.

    “I don’t think Oasis were even born yet.”

  • Maura Johnston

    @Catbirdseat: And The Cutting Edge!!

  • Jude

    Didn’t that show jump the shark when it world premiered “Smells Like Teen Spirit” THE SAME WEEK it premiered on “Headbanger’s Ball”? A bunch of us seem to remember that strange happening back in ’91 and not knowing what the fuck to make of it. It had its time and usefulness once. It was appointment tv for what it was worth. Keep it dead please.

  • denverjsmith

    this is so lame. as someone who grew up watching ’120 minutes’ religiously and am now almost 34, I really do not like viacom re-heating “the good old days”. Remember when VH1 just played Kenny G and Michael Boloton? I still haven’t forgiven them for cancelling ’120 Minutes’ in order to fill up their schedule with crap like reality shows about Sweet 16 parties. I hope Kevin Seal and that British guy Toby will someday burn that place down. also, pour some beer out for J.J. Jackson (i’m pretty sure he was the original host- R.I.P).