Outro: Looking Back At Week In Which We Wore Our Finest Sweaters

Apr 27th, 2007 // 1 Comment

- There’s been no shortage of hip-hop op-eds.
- Speaking of which, there will be no snitching from us regarding our newest columnist.
- Rihanna’s got legs, but does she know how to use them?
- American Idol makes strange bedfellows out of Elvis and Celine Dion.
- Drew Barrymore’s first proper singing attempt is no firestarter.
- Phil Spector’s hit list just keeps on coming.
- Avril Lavigne’s record label is a pain: Could we make it any more obvious?
- We should have known better than to turn a blind eye to the enduring college-rock clout of Stephan Jenkins.
- The next time Bjork sees Steve Jobs, she’s gonna have a few words with him. Words we won’t be able to quite make out, but still.
- Gwen Stefani: Just a girl with a grudge.
- Cartel’s publicity stunt: So far, it’s working pretty well.


  1. Brambleman

    Elliot Smith covers Cat on Thumbsucker OST. Mystery solved.

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