Who Says The Music Blogs All Post The Same Songs?

Apr 27th, 2007 // 4 Comments

hypemachineeee.jpgFrom today’s Hype Machine “Popular” list. Amazingly, numbers 6 through 40 are all remixes of “Monster Mash.” (And yes, we’re aware of the “pot, meet kettle” hypocrisy).

Popular Blog Tracks [The Hype Machine]

  1. GeezDatsAnnoying

    Hmm wonder why http://elbo.ws doesn’t have the same problem?

  2. loudersoft

    @GeezDatsAnnoying: elbo.ws has the “top artists” list, and a lot of people like the hype machine’s “top tracks” list. when people throw up their MP3′s without checking the embedded information, Hype reads the ID3 tag from the MP3, caches the information, then their javascript applet spits out whatever it is, even if it’s like 35 characters long.

    i just had to disable my Hype Machine lists over this. sigh, and i love the hype machine, too.

  3. GeezDatsAnnoying

    Yeah, but http://elbo.ws has a top tracks list as well on the left hand side of the page there, and none of the tracks listed there are dupes.

  4. brandon

    The difference is that Hype’s are the top downloaded tracks, elbows are the top posted about tracks. So, naturally a strange track tag will get weeded out unless everyone is posting the same oddly-tagged song.

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