The Unknown Cover: Whoever Remade This Cat Stevens Song Is Causing Some Trouble

Apr 27th, 2007 // 16 Comments

unknown20comic.jpgRemember the Audiogalaxy era, when badly tagged MP3s credited to the wrong artists would travel around the Internet willy-nilly, with no one correctly ID’ing their ID3 tags? We do, all too well. So when this missive from commenter gorillavsmarykate landed in our inbox today, we were inspired to launch a new feature: Welcome to “The Unknown Cover,” where we enlist our readers’ vast knowledge in the effort to match incorrectly tagged songs from peer-to-peer searches gone by to their proper artists. (Feel free to send in your own.) Let’s begin:

I was hoping you or the readers could help identify this artist who covered the Cat Stevens song, Trouble. I downloaded this song back in the old Kazaa days, and it was credited to Oasis but I’ve never seen it verified. I’ve also read it may be Travis, but doubt it.

We listened to the track and even attempted some Google trickery, but we’re stumped–so it’s below. Anyone?


  1. RepentTokyo

    @brasstax: it gives them something to post on a slow news day.

  2. Audif Jackson Winters III

    Isn’t this actually Phish covering “Gin and Juice”?

  3. boogerwall


  4. seanhoran

    sounds like World Party
    Karl Walinger

  5. gorillavsmarykate

    This song is like an itch on your upper back in the spot that you can barely reach. I was hoping one of you guys could be my back scratcher tool thing.

  6. GLewis

    I came up with John Frusciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but I can’t verify a match with another online sample. He is a self-admitted Cat fan and does similar covers on YouTube…

  7. smh

    Yeah…definitely sounds like Wallinger/World Party. But I’m having trouble finding any sort of confirmation anywhere on the internets.

    Definitely NOT the Elliott Smith version…sheesh. You even listen the MP3, dude/ette?

  8. phelander

    No it’s NOT Elliot Smith. I just LISTENED to Elliot Smith’s version of Trouble on the Thumbsucker soundtrack and it’s not even the same at all. Don’t go around posting definitives when you are wrong. You’ll start sounding like Redstate.

  9. MrStarhead

    Like most of these mystery mp3s, this one appears to have been recorded live at a radio station. So you want somebody that was touring in the late ’90s or very early ’00s. Longpigs actually isn’t a bad guess; go listen to “On and On,” and the voices sound similar. I forwarded this to a buddy, who guessed Marcy Playground, and that’s somewhat of a possibility, too.
    It’s definitely not Travis, and I don’t think it’s Elliott Smith. Doesn’t sound like him, anyway. So which AAA acts from a decade ago were really into Cat Stevens?

  10. Maura Johnston

    yeah, this doesn’t sound like elliott smith at all.

    also, @Faster: i’m pretty sure this isn’t a stunt–the commenter who sent it is a longtime reader who i trust. (i’m actually waiting a few days to post the “mr. bungle” cover of “baby one more time” that i’ve had since napster 0.9)

  11. lobsterjesus

    I’m a huge Elliot Smith fan, this is NOT Elliot Smith. “Brambleman” didn’t listen to Thumbsucker soundtrack. A sample of Elliot’s version of Trouble can be easily heard on Amazon:

  12. lobsterjesus

    My guess is that it’s Jakob Dylan of The Wallflowers. It really sounds like his voice.

  13. Faster

    Publicity stunt for an unknown band. Hope they get better than this cover.

  14. Brambleman

    Sorry ’bout that, I heard the “unmastered” version and it sounded closer.

  15. Brambleman

    Hello Everyone,

    I’ve sent a number of comments concerning the Cat Steven’s mystery. The artist is Elliot Smith. This version of “Trouble” can be found on “The Thumbsucker” sounstrack.

  16. GLewis

    Any John Fresciante (RHCP) fans? He’s an admitted Cat Stevens junkie and it sounds in his solo style to me… I’m just not that familiar with his voice.

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