Penn State’s Budgetary Decisions Inadvertently Prove Steve Jobs’ Point

Apr 27th, 2007 // Comment

Not to turn today into college day around here, but we thought this story from Penn State’s Daily Collegian was worth noting. It’s on the university’s decision to switch its free-to-students digital-music source from Napster to Ruckus, and here’s the kicker quote:

“My concern is if my songs transfer from Napster,” Emily Loyco (freshman-secondary education) said. “I use Napster all the time, and I have so many songs I don’t want to have to re-download.”

Kind of underscores the point we made earlier about people wanting to decide for themselves when they’ll give up their music, no? (And yes, we know she could pay, but that’s sort of beside the point.)

PSU signs with Ruckus, ends service with Napster [Daily Collegian]
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