Flossing About The Size Of Your iTunes Library Is <i>So</i> 2006

When it comes to iPod-related innovations, Apple isn’t known for its modesty or passivity. Steve Jobs once convened a press conference just to show off a glorified boombox. That’s why we’re a bit mystified by the so-quiet-you’d-think-it-was-for-Zune release of the newest addition to Apple’s small collection of iPod mini-games: iQuiz. One week later, we’re waiting for music-trivia geeks nationwide to start poking around with this thing.

Fifth-generation iPods have come with a Music Quiz game for a couple of years now. If you’ve ever been bored enough to click on it, you were treated to a clever, low-tech game that played samples of songs from your ‘Pod and threw up multiple choices of song titles, also from your collection. iQuiz isn’t much higher-tech than that, and the obvious difference is an improvement in the graphics (including some ill-advised game-show music that, mercifully, you can turn off). Here’s the clever part: Apple made iQuiz customizable, and gave it the power to track lifetime scores.

The game comes with a few hundred music-trivia questions, which, if you’re reading this site, you’ll run through in a fraction of a day. (They’re actually fairly smart questions, but I kept getting the one asking me to name the Minutemen’s Double Nickels on the Dime over and over.) But once you get bored, you can write your own quizzes and send them to friends for uploading into their iPods. Below, your Guest Idolator offers a 10-question sample quiz he threw together over the weekend, when he should’ve been out enjoying New York’s summerlike weather.

Apple clearly wants this thing to take off–they’ve priced iQuiz at 99 cents, five bucks cheaper than all the other iPod games. We give it about a month before someone on the series of tubes creates a site to start trading custom iQuizzes, complete with people bragging about their SAT-like iQuiz prowess (three wrong answers kills a 10-question round, so one bad round of trivia will drag your lifetime average down). The quizzes you create don’t have to be about music, of course, and iQuiz actually comes with sets of trivia about movies and TV. It’ll be interesting to see who ends up dominating the iQuiz geekery: 24 obsessives, or Fall Out Boy fans.

Chris Molanphy’s iQuiz Pack [link expired]
iQuiz [Apple]

  • dollywould

    Damn, I have never noticed the quiz before. Just pulled out my iPod, and there it is. Thanks!

  • cerulgalactus

    So, where exactly on one’s iPod does this wonderous new invention show up?

  • Chris Molanphy

    @cerulgalactus: Under “Extras” on the main iPod menu. Then click “Games.”

  • cerulgalactus

    @dennisobell: It’s not there for me. I’ve updated both iTunes, and my iPod’s system files. I’ve even tried to do the old school Drag and Drop, and nadda.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @cerulgalactus: Wait, let’s define our terms here: are you trying to play the totally free Music Quiz? Or are you trying ot play my file, which only works in iQuiz, which you have to buy from Apple for 99¢?

    Also, do you have a full-size, fifth-gen iPod (clickwheel with video)? The game doesn’t work on a nano or anything older.

  • cerulgalactus

    I have the full sized fifth-gen iPod, and I can’t for the life of me find where iQuiz is hiding on my pesky iPod.

  • jesselperry

    So, about that “site to start trading custom iQuizzes”. I seemed to have beaten the month deadline! :D


    I’m going to go ahead and post your iQuiz, if that is ok!

  • Chris Molanphy

    @cerulgalactus: Did you buy iQuiz, the game, from the iTunes Store? It costs 99¢. It’s not hiding on your iPod until you buy it and install it (i.e., by syncing your iPod).

    If so, you have to go all the way up to the top menu, the one that says “MUSIC / VIDEO / EXTRAS …” and click on EXTRAS, then GAMES.

  • cerulgalactus

    Did all of of the above – bought, paid for, got the receipt.

  • cerulgalactus

    Haaaaaang on – damn Games tab wasn’t set to auto sync. Seriously, some days I’m too damn old to use this new fangled technology. Thanks for the help.

  • Chris Molanphy

    @jesselperry: Thanks for posting my quiz! Would love to know how much you enjoyed it (it’s only 10 questions), and if you get any feedback on it. Much obliged.