Britney’s Comeback Show: Well, At Least Her Wig Stayed On

May 2nd, 2007 // 3 Comments

(Aren’t you supposed to wait until after Memorial Day to bust out the white go-go boots?)

In yet another ploy to distract the American public from the news, Britney Spears lip-synced her way through a 16-minute set that included “Toxic” and “I’m A Slave 4 U” at San Diego’s House Of Blues last night. A few reactions from the people who didn’t have to hover outside, waiting for a post-show paparazzi shot:

“‘After everything she’s been through lately, I think we all had low expectations and she way exceeded them,’ Weston Louis Arlich, 24, said.” [MTV]
“‘It wasn’t a good move for her career,’ Mackenzie Trimble said after the show. ‘When you come out and do four songs and lip-sync . . . that’s not what Britney fans came to see.’ ” [SignOnSanDiego]
“But Adriane Odom wasn’t impressed. ‘It probably wouldn’t have been so bad if we would have known we’d have to wait two hours for her to come on,’ she said.” [USA Today]
“And was it good? Well, so long as you happily describe the sight of a past-her-prime rehab-bound single mother of two in a wig miming to a bunch of her old records for about quarter of an hour as good, then – yes – we’ll admit that Britney Spears really knocked it out of the park.” [Hecklerspray]

[Photo via cat dirt sez]


  1. 30f

    Maybe she will “perform” everytime W vetoes something. Two things to look forward to.

  2. catdirt

    based on what i’ve read/heard from people who actually attended, people who didn’t actually have tickets may have had the advantage, in that they weren’t subjected to two plus hours of djing from members of louis xiv(!) and an hob marketing employee (“Kid Lighting”) prior to the 15 minute perf.

  3. Jupiter8

    How can she have a comeback if she never goes away?

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