Track Marks: How The “Kelly Clarkson’s Album To Be Revamped” Rumor Became Today’s Biggest Rumor In The World

kelly-clarkson.jpgWelcome to another edition of Track Marks, in which your Idolators perform an autopsy on the latest band burning up the MP3-blogger charts. Today, however, we’ll take a look at today’s second-most blogged-about rumor:

Artists: Kelly Clarkson
Project: A complete revamp of her forthcoming album, My December.
First mention: An April 30 post on the Velvet Rope claiming that label head Clive Davis savaged the first four songs on the album at a corporate conference, asking the crowd, “Remember, we’re all family here and this project is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and does this sound like a Number One single to you?”
The Build-Up: A piece running with Davis’ displeasure and claiming that Clarkson was completely overhauling the album ran today in the UK newspaper The Daily Star, a Page 3 Girly tabloid that we had never heard of until it was cited in…

The Dam-Break:a bunch of blogs that ran with the item, including In Case You Didn’t Know,, and the always-reliable TMZ. It doesn’t look as if any of them tried to further the story, or even think about the fact that the album’s first single, “Never Again,” has already hit the Billboard 100 and TRL; we’re not saying that it’s completely unlikely for an on-the-verge-of-release album to be shelved, but it does seem pretty weird for the Kelly backlash to hit so hard at this particular moment. Is this the result of Kelly “crossing” Davis by wanting to strike out in a more rock direction? And why in the world would some British tabloid that doesn’t even have a proper Web site be ground zero for a whispering campaign against her?

Kelly Clarkson scraps her new album [Starpulse]

  • Ned Raggett

    It’s all a plot of Clive’s to get back at Mike Watt.

  • Trackback

    In case you were busy wolfing down lunch while some of us freaked about Jay-Z’s plane crashing in the Smoky Mountains, TMZ has updated its original story: “The three aboard the plane were white men.” Whew!

  • mike a

    And the guy from +/-.

  • chrisb

    I’m wary of this rumor. She’s kicking off a North American tour on July 7… so that means she has barely two months to complete a whole new album. And she’s already released a video for the new single?

    Yeah, this rumor is bunk.

  • Chris Molanphy

    I don’t think it’s total bunk, and I’ll bet the indie-ish rock direction she’s heading in is rubbing Clive the wrong way. Other than signing Patti Smith in ’75, the guy doesn’t really grasp anything to the left of Taylor Dane.

  • SirLoin

    Still, the new single sucks. That can’t be denied.

  • brasstax

    Even if it’s true, and she’s had to go back and re-tool it, the current version will eventually leak its way onto the nets. I’m already pretty sure Clive Davis is a total rube anyway, but that will just provide additional evidence.

  • brasstax

    Also, remind me to never go read threads on the Velvet Rope again. Those people are flat-out retarded.

  • DJorn

    Off-topic reply to dennisobell and brasstax:
    You may not like the music he puts out, but you can’t say Davis doesn’t know how to shift units. Just ask Carlos Santana and Rod Stewart, to name two. He knows exactly what kind of watered-down dreck the public wants and knows exactly how to give it to them; the man is no rube.

  • brasstax

    That’s the thing. Clive Davis can find/locate talent, but then he ruins his discoveries by not keeping his trolly old fingers off of their projects. I can’t wait until the day Alicia Keys and Kelly Clarkson and Rob Thomas and everyone else in his prize-winning stable shakes him loose and they start making great records instead of just popular ones.