Annie Lennox Becomes Latest Victim Of Possibly Media-Created Crime Spree

By: Brian Raftery / May 8, 2007

annlennoxxx.jpgPerhaps you’ve heard of “Gatecrashing,” the allegedly growing U.K. phenomenon in which unwanted revelers show up at a party that’s been posted on the web, and then proceed to trash the place. Well, according to the Daily Mail, Annie Lennox’s daughter is the latest victim of such a “crash”:

The popstar, 52, has been hit with a hefty repair bill after her 16-year-old daughter became the latest victim of gatecrashers who get wind of a party on the internet.

The mayhem happened after Annie’s teenaged daughter Lola innocently let slip she was having a get-together at home while her film producer father Uri Fruchtmann was away. But the email which was meant to get to just 30 close school friends ended up frenziedly circulating to hundreds of others. It is understood that the information about the party spread on websites like MySpace.

Their £2 million family home in north London was trashed when more than a hundred youngsters forced entry. Party-goers daubed graffiti on walls, broke pictures and lampshades, tore apart books, urinated and vomited on carpets, flooded the kitchen and had a pitch battle in the garden.

Witnesses at the house also report seeing a cow, a constantly spinning globe and a bearded man “who wore sunglasses and just sat there, tapping on an old keyboard.”

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