The Grammy Awards: The Semi-Excitement Begins!

May 9th, 2007 // 1 Comment

grammttrophy.jpgAs you may have heard, February 10th, 2008, is going to be the biggest day of next year: Not only will the world community mark the 8th anniversary of Jim Varney’s death, but the Recording Academy will hold the 50th annual Grammy Awards ceremony. Are you ready for lots of montages in which Aretha sings “Respect” and Mick grimacingly changes the lyrics to “Let’s Spend The Night Together”? Well, you should be! No, really, you should be–you need at least seven or eight months to prep for this kind of thing.

Anyway, in celebration of this milestone, the Grammys will be launching all kinds of tie-in promotions, including a new “high-end” fashion line that will feature everything “from leather jackets and high-end tees to beaded handbags, jewelry and accessories.” We expect the line to be a big hit–young kids love nothing more than showing their allegiance to organizations with histories of ill-informed choices and intra-staff sexual-harassment claims–and we’re happy to help with the design process.

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50th Annual Grammy Awards Celebration Plans [Jazz News]

  1. Chris Molanphy

    The Grammys®: Rewarding Lousy Rock Now, And Good Rock Decades Past Its Prime, For Half A Century!

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