The Vault: One More Trip To Cotton Mather’s Fields

May 9th, 2007 // 2 Comments

5375102.jpgThe legions of Veronica Mars fans out there are apparently among the People Meter-less, so we figured we’d keep the “Internet buzz” for the show humming by posting the other track by the late Austin band Cotton Mather that was featured in last night’s episode. Thanks to Idolator commenter Thierry for sending us “Payday”; it appeared on the 1994 album Cotton Is King, and a retooled version of the song was featured in a flashback segment that called up Jellyfish memories for us:

Cotton Mather – Payday [MP3, link expired]
Cotton Mather [MySpace]
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  1. wendyo

    Robert Harrison (frontman for Cottom Mather) has an excellent new band called Future Clouds & Radar.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    I ditto Wendyo like a Rush listener.

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