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May 10th, 2007 // 4 Comments

zander.jpg- Should the world forgive Robin Zander for his 1993 solo album? [jefitoblog]
- We don’t even remember the last-days-of-grunge outfit Gwen Mars, which says even more about their relative obscurity than their lack of a Wikipedia entry. [circa 45]
- A treasure trove of 78s (21 of them!) from 1903-1946. [Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    I met Robin Zander once after a Cheap Trick show (where I proposed to my now-wife). He signed a setlist for us: “Take the plunge! Robin”

    Then he proceeded to go into this rambling speech about how “there’s a time when you’ve gotta, you know, just take it to the right time and just take it up, you know, just go for it when you’ve gotta go for it because it’s that time, you know?” (this is heavily redacted)

    Something like that. We just smiled and nodded a lot.

    Nice guy.

  2. Lucas Jensen

    Oh, and Gwen Mars was on the stellar See Thru Broadcasting label, which put out Radar Bros.’ “the Singing Hatchet”, the great first Starlight Mints LP, and Enon’s “Believo!” among others. Sad to see them go…I believe they mutated into PIAS USA and then some have landed at World’s Fair. I think. Don’t quote me here!

  3. brasstax

    Rick Nielsen offered me a hit on the fattest joint I’ve ever seen that wasn’t in a movie. I declined.

  4. hndinglove

    gwen mars is underrated; ‘she hung the moon’ is a great song.

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