Don Henley Gets Dragged Into Subtle Magazine Feud

May 10th, 2007 // 21 Comments

eaglescov.jpgThis may be a little inside-baseball for those of you who don’t care about the magazine industry (that is, 98 percent of the world’s populace), but there’s a possible war-of-words brewing between Radar and New York, and, for some reason, it involves ’70s soft-rock titans the Eagles.

The back-story: Yesterday, Radar published a lengthy, fairly spot-on critique of New York magazine, a publication which has bugged us in the past. In the essay, writer John Cook compares the magazine to the Eagles, inferring that both entities–despite their attempts at high-minded good taste–were ultimately “slick and empty confection[s].”

This morning, New York‘s recently launched Vulture blog published a list of “32 Reasons Why the Eagles Are the Best Band in the Universe,” which included such qualities as “1. No band is more deeply misunderstood, particularly by people who believe art should be pious” and “6. Don Henley’s fro.” Now, maybe Vulture had this feature planned all along, and it’s just a coincidence, but probably not. Either way, the ball is now in Radar‘s court; we suggest that no matter what they do as a response, it involves Joe Walsh performing “In The City,” just because it’s one of the best closing-credit numbers in movie history.

Adam’s Apple [Radar]
32 Reasons Why the Eagles Are the Best Band in the Universe [Vulture]

  1. Lucas Jensen

    I’m kind of tired of hating the Eagles. I heard “Take It Easy” on the radio the other day and I cranked it. There. I said it. I like ‘em. I air-guitared the solo for “Hotel California” in Publix. You heard me. I probably hate more Van Halen songs than Eagles songs. That’s right.

  2. Maura Johnston

    next up: mojo nixon takes a guestblogging role at radar.

  3. What it is

    @Lucas Jensen: keep it real LJ

  4. Lucas Jensen

    @What it is: You know it. I have every Eagles LP on LP. Haters.

  5. Juancho

    Sigh. The Eagles are one of the reasons Tom Waits was able to keep his head afloat financially before establishing himself as a performer. So there, give ‘em that.

  6. mishaps

    I’m tired of hating the Eagles, but I’m not tired of hating Radar. Isn’t it dead again yet?

  7. Chris Molanphy

    The only think more overrated than the Eagles is hating on the Eagles. I don’t know what’s more boring.

    Hating New York Magazine, on the other hand, never goes out of style. In fact, I’d say it’s essential that new generations of 20somethings get reminded regularly that, barring the occasional decent article, it’s a shitty publication, lest they get duped into subscribing to it when they move into their first Normandy Court apartment. (I know I got duped when I was 22.)

  8. dollywould

    About seven years ago, I worked at a media company in NYC that owned New York. They handed them out for free to employees, and I still couldn’t get through it.

  9. dollywould

    Also, “Take It Easy” really is one of the best driving songs of all time.

  10. parrotrunner

    the eagles are pretty good but to be honest if we’re going to give them “best band” points because of Henley’s ‘fro, I think it’s important to point out Lindsay Buckingham’s ‘fro:

  11. Chris Molanphy

    @riverrun: WORD. Buckingham had the best white-boy ‘fro of the ’70s. (And I’m including the guy from Grand Funk in my calculation.)

    @heidiho: Honestly, good as the melody is, “Take It Easy” always creeps me out for those smarmy “all these women want me” lyrics. And the fact that it’s written by Jackson “Sensitive Except When I’m Trying To Get Into Girls’ Pants” Browne.

    For me, the Eagles’ keepers are “Already Gone,” “Take It to the Limit” and “I Can’t Tell You Why” (most underrated slow jam of the ’70s).

  12. dollywould

    @riverrun: Fro or not, I’ve always had a thing for Buckingham. And I have to say, the dude has aged well.

    @dennisobell: True. And as a clueless goody-two-shoes kid, I know the lyrics always went over my head.

  13. parrotrunner

    @heidiho: Lindsay is pretty awesome. I’m too young to have been down with Fleetwood Mac and I think my earliest memory of them is hearing something from Tango In the Night at a junior high school dance(?). But I saw the dude playing on some reunion special maybe ten years ago and I think he was playing the guitar with his charisma and hair, not his fingers. It was pretty dope.

  14. Lucas Jensen

    Oh, now we’re talking Mac. I like where this conversation is headed. And I think it’s Lindsey only because someone corrected me on it the other day!

  15. Anonymous

    @Lucas Jensen: umm, you rule.

    @heidiho: me too, girl. me too.

  16. Jude

    @dennisobell: whoa, whoa…WHOA!!!… now, Buckingham had one boss 70′s whitefro’–and i’d never rip on the guy because I respect the shit outta his playing style– but Gino Vanelli wants you to reconsider. Shit, it’s even been immortalized in MINTED form:


  17. Chris N.

    Eagles 1971-1975: crap
    Eagles 1976-1979: awesome

    Proof that the presence of Joe Walsh and a “Scarface” amount of cocaine can indeed make you a better band.

    Also, dennisobell is correct: “I Can’t Tell You Why” is the bomb.

  18. Lucas Jensen

    @taylor t-sides: Why, thank you! I love Lindsey Buckingham more than anything. I’ve got “What Makes You Think You’re the One” up for download on our site. So far, so good re: Web Sheriff.

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