Liner Notes: When In Doubt, Just Run A Picture Of Jenny Lewis

jennylewis.jpg- Rilo Kiley’s new album, tentatively titled Hey, We Have Some Dudes, Too!, will be out in August. [NME]
- Sting and David Bowie are teaming up to launch a burlesque club in New York City. Bowie, you fool! Don’t you realize that Sumner fella is jinxed? [New York Observer]
- At this year’s Austin City Limits Festival, you’ll find Bob Dylan, Björk and that UT student you hooked up with at South By Southwest. [Billboard]

  • Juancho

    Blake is not a dude. A guy, yes.

  • Ned Raggett

    a burlesque club

    Great. Tantric stripping.

  • brasstax

    Dude, guy…whatever. Blake is deadweight.

  • Jupiter8

    Anyone else catch the irony in two rich English musicians kicking an Italian restaurant out of Little Italy so they can import a “burlesque show” which orginated in Vegas and is named after a no longer existant part of NYC (“Forty Deuce”)?

    Personally, I guess some people are afraid of geniune sleaze and need this neutered hipster version….

  • Lew

    Mmm. Jenny Lewis. Not only easy on the eyes, but she can make a Hammond sound smoother than anything Jimmy Smith ever concocted.

  • Falconfire

    @Lew: So many geek lust fantasies thanks to both “The Wizard” and then later on when she was in “Firefox” with a young (and topless) Angie Jolie

  • Rilo-Andy

    A new beautiful Jenny Lewis picture after I finished my finals? The gods are pleased…

  • bambino

    It’s UT, not UTA, which is UT-Arlington.