We Can’t Get Enough Of Akon, No Matter How Old He Claims To Be

May 10th, 2007 // 16 Comments

akonpocket.jpgOne more thing about Akon, who has gone from appearing on every third radio hit to appearing in every third Idolator post: A tipster writes in regarding the singer’s oft-contested age, which both Rolling Stone and Wiki list as 25, but which has been the source of much Zeta-Jonesian speculation since his career took off:

a friend who works at [well-known national magazine] was checking out Akon’s age, and using some sort of database of prison records (since Akon claims to have been incarcerated, and indeed was) and it turns out that his age is not, as he claims, 25, nor is it 27 or even 31. Akon is 35 years old. His PR people put so much pressure on the editors that they wouldn’t allow the actual factual in the magazine.

Any idea as to what the (allegedly) weenie-ish publication might be? if so, hit us up at tips@idolator.com.

UPDATE: According to a spy, the April issue of Vibe marked Akon as 34–which means that, at the very least, Vibe ain’t the weenies in question.


  1. Juancho

    Akon is the Greg Oden of hip-hop.

  2. Weezy F Baby

    all of this is just making me like T-Pain even more.

  3. Bazooka Tooth

    Juancho– nice.

  4. twenty-four hour priapism

    I can’t believe Akon is 35. That extra ten years makes the statutory rape even grosser.

  5. wondergoodtx

    @Juancho: Agreed. Truer words have not been said.

  6. Xenu

    Hmmm. Maybe he should duet with Beyoncé. I have a friend who swears up and down she’s shaving up at least five years (and perhaps up to ten) off her age, too.

  7. Sleepyhead

    Xenu beat me. I was just going to ask what the over/under was on Beyonce. At the age she claims (Seems she’s claiming 26, but I remember a very few short years ago smelling something very fishy when she claimed to be 19 – maybe they decided that was too unbelievable) she would have been like 15 recording the first Destiny’s Child album.

  8. gorillavsmarykate

    Am I the “tipster?”


    If so, tight!

  9. The HZA. [member of the zombie nation]

    Wow, so in theory, he was old enough to be the father of the girlie he dryhumped.

    Or is my math off?
    I am not sure. I am repeating math this quarter.

  10. Pope John Peeps II

    The extra decade tacked on to his musical career makes it even harder to forgive that he makes such shitastic music.

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